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Topic-icon Hotel and google site description

5 years 4 weeks ago - 5 years 4 weeks ago #15620 by RuneMykle
Hi again,

I'm banging my head on the SEO part of making a website, and hate it, but well, that's not the point! :)

When I see my website in google it shows a part of my website that I dont want it to show as a description.

to illustrate my "needs" I'll show it with a picture;

Red: What google shows now as the description
Green: What I'd like it to show
Yellow: What I'd understand if it showed (As it's the first things written on the site)

So question is; is there any way I can chose what part google picks as a description?
And yes, I've added new positions user10-14 which google pulls it's data from.

Again, thanks for your support, it's really appreciated! :)

Last Edit: 5 years 4 weeks ago by RuneMykle.

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5 years 3 weeks ago #15642 by ivan.milic
You think of pre-view?

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