Serious Bug with Retina Images – Additional Plugin

2 weeks 4 days ago #51272 by Martín G.F.
Retina Images - Additional plugin for Sparky Framework. For each image in your articles and custom modules, this plugin will check if there is high resolution image available. If it's founded, the high resolution image will be used for double density screens (retina screens).

Hello Milos,

This plugin is causing compatibility problems with a pop-up window that I am trying to launch.
It literally brings down the web.
If I disable it, the web and popup plugin works without problems.
The idea is not to leave it disabled.

What do you propose?

Thank you so much.
All the best. 

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  • milos
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2 weeks 4 days ago #51273 by milos

This plugin is optional and not required for the functionality of the framework and templates. If you are not using it or if it causes any compatibility issues, it's recommended to disable it.


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