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Joomla extensions developed by HotThemes are modules and plugins used to extend the features core features of your Joomla site. The real power of Joomla is in their extensions. Using Joomla extensions you can extend the possibilities of this CMS and make it appropriate for any website purpose that you can imagine. There are thousands of Joomla extensions available in Extensions Directory. Therefore, choosing Joomla as CMS that powers your website is a correct decision.

We developed 24 Joomla extensions so far. We are proud of our contribution to the Joomla community. With Joomla template club membership, you will get an instant access to all our Joomla products, including extensions and templates. We also have a collection of free Joomla extensions that you can download from our site for free (you need to register a free account to get download access).

Hot Spinner rotates images around a circle in 3D. In the center of the circle, there's an info box that shows relevant content for each image in the rotation. You can also control rotation with mouse moves. This is 100% based on jQuery. You can enter content for the module into ten available "content slots". Each slot allows you to select rotating and static images.

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