Joomla Weather module Hot Weather can help you to inform your visitors about weather conditions for the selected city. Just enter the name of your city, select what data to display, and you're done! You can select units (Fahrenheit or Celsius) of your preference. The module can fetch current temperature as well as "feels like", minimum and maximum temperature for the current day. It can also fetch pressure, humidity, and visibility. Wind speed can also be included and displayed together with the wind direction icon.

Hot Joomla Weather extension

As always, this module is XHTML/CSS compliant and cross-browser compatible, fully responsive, and tested in all major browsers. Let there be sun!

Usage Instructions

Open Joomla Weather module parameters in Extensions > Module Manager > Hot Weather. There you can enable and disable some of the weather parameters. Also, you can select between horizontal and vertical modes and set font size.

  • API Key: You need a free API key to fetch data from OpenWeather to your website. You can obtain yours on
  • Location (City): Enter the city name for which you want to display the weather information. For example, enter the city name as "London".
  • State and Country: You don't need to enter these if your city is recognized. However, if there are multiple cities with the same name as yours, you can enter state and/or country codes. For example, enter state code as "NY" or "CA" and country code as "UK", "DE", "IT", etc.
  • Units: Select whether to show temperature as Fahrenheit or Celsius degrees.
  • Feels Like: The calculated "feels like" temperature is often different than the real temperature and it depends on many weather parameters.
  • Min Temperature and Max Temperature: Minimum and maximum temperature for the selected location during the day.
  • Pressure: Air pressure measured in hPa.
  • Humidity: Air humidity measured in percents (%).
  • Visibility: Visibility in kilometers. If there is fog in the location, the visibility will be reduced.
  • Wind: Wind speed in given in m/s. Also, the result is followed with an arrow icon that shows the wind direction.

If you need multiple module instances on a page, enter a unique identifier in the Module ID parameter for each instance. For example, "mod1", "mod2", "mod3", etc.

Module Style

  • Direction: You can select horizontal and vertical directions depending on your needs. For example, if you are using the module in the header, you would probably select the horizontal mode. On the other hand, if you are using the module in the sidebar, the vertical mode would be more appropriate.
  • Value Font Size: Font size of the values (temperatures, and other data). Enter value and units, for example, 2em or 24px.
  • Description Font Size: Font size of the values descriptions. Enter value and units, for example, 1em or 16px.


The Hot Weather module is powered by OpenWeather data. This website provides a scientific yet simple approach to weather forecasts.

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