Hot Joomla GalleryThe Hot Joomla Gallery module is a fully configurable, simple Joomla gallery module, based on jQuery. Simply enter the path where your images are and your gallery is ready. Control other parameters to make your gallery work better with your template.

You can enable or disable image descriptions. It's possible to change the number of thumbnails. Hot Joomla Gallery is XHTML/CSS compliant and cross-browser compatible, tested on IE6+, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and Safari. Spice up your Joomla website easily and free!

Usage Instructions

Open module parameters in Extensions > Module Manager > Hot Joomla Gallery. You'll see that some default parameters are already there. However, you should change some of them to accommodate module for usage on your site.

  • FOLDER: Where your images are stored, relative to the Joomla root directory.
  • ENTER DATA: Fill this only if you need photos with description text. Otherwise, leave this empty and all photos from the selected folder will be shown without description.
  • TIMER: How long one photo will stay on screen. Time is in milliseconds.
  • DESCRIPTION TEXT COLOR: Self-explanatory.


The Hot Joomla Gallery module is powered by:

  • jQuery
  • jQuery slideViewerPro