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Hot Joomla Carousel Pro is an advanced version of our popular module. Led by the popularity of this module, we created an advanced version with many new features. In addition to the image rotation mode (now improved), we've added an option for the rotation of articles that module can take over from sections or categories of your Joomla site. Or you can pick articles of your choice.

Extension Screen Shots

This module has a number of options which allow you to use it in different ways. You can use it as a big articles or image rotator on the main page. You can also use a small version that displays only the titles of your articles. Almost every small thing you can imagine is a variable in the module parameters.

A detailed explanation of each option is in the parameters of the module (Modules > Hot Joomla Carousel Pro) after you move the cursor over the names of options. Choosing a color is performed through easy color picker.

It's much room needed to describe every detail. Image says more than 1000 words! Therefore, we prepared slides that vividly describe this outstanding module. Please click on slides to the left to see the larger version.

This module has been tested in IE7+, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera.

Update April 28, 2022 - Webp images support

Support for Webp images (if your content source is set to "images") is added in the module versions 4.0.1 and later.

Update March 22, 2021 - Joomla 4 Compatibility

Full compatibility with Joomla 4.x is available in the module versions 3.9.25 and later.

Update August 20, 2020 - Module re-developed

Since version 3.9.20 the module is using new advanced Javascript code. It's faster and better optimized for mobile devices. Now, it's possible to use touch gestures. Navigational dots and arrows are now in SVG format.

Update March 27, 2013 - Responsive features added

Versions 2.5.9 and 3.0.3 (for Joomla 2.5 and 3.0 respectively) have two parameters added suitable for responsive websites. Parameters are looks very simple, but they change the way how this module work completely. If you enable Responsive Mode, then the widths of all rotating articles will be determined according to the available space, not according to the fixed widths parameters given. The second parameter, Minimum Article Width, determines the minimum width of a single article. If there's no space enough to show entire row of articles, only one article will be shown.

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