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Hot ScrollerThis module will create a Joomla Scroller of your content pages. You can select any section or category of articles, or pick separate articles. This is perfect Joomla News Ticker for all kind of news portals powered by Joomla!

The "Hot Scroller" module by is a fully configurable Joomla articles scroller. It will create a news ticker from selected articles of your Joomla site. In module parameters, you have full control over module display. You can change module height, text color, size and fonts, source of content, etc. You can see how the module works on this template demo.

Hot Scroller Parameters

Joomla Scroller parameters

Height of the module: Overall height of the module in pixels (in example 25).

Heading, article text, date, section/category and read more links colors are configurable in module parameters. Please select any color using the color picker. You can select font sizes per your preference.

Scroll speed of the scrolling articles is also configurable as well as scrolling direction (from left to right or from right to left). Intro text (in example News Highlights) can be turned on or off and positioned left or right from the scrolling articles.

Many other parameters are related to source of your content. Please check the image to see all available parameters of the module.

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