Responsive Horse Riding Joomla Template

The Horses template is primarily designed for the development of websites about horse riding and equestrian sports. It also introduces our new module Hot Image Scroller, an endless image scroller based on CSS only.

This template comes in 3 home page variants and each of them is available in 5 color variants. The first (default) home page variant has the mentioned Hot Image Scroller on the top position. The second home page has the images and text carousel that is well-known for many of our other templates. Finally, the third home page variant includes a big container with a short video clip and text over the video.

Beside the mentioned top sections, each of the home page variants contains other elements that you can use for your horse riding website. There is a section with icons that introduces the main services of the company to the visitor. Another section introduces the jockeys (team members). If you scroll below, you will find a section with several buttons linked to the inner areas of the website. There are also call-to-action sections. Finally, the footer area contains a nicely designed and simple contact form. The prospective clients can use it to reach the website owners quickly.

The home page, even in 3 different variants, is not enough for making a functional website. Therefore, the interior pages are designed and included in the template package. After the template installation, you will also get the team page (list of jockeys), pricing page, and testimonials page. There are also two blog-type pages with more linked pages (services and blog). Finally, the helper pages, such as the 404 page, coming soon page, search, tags etc. are also available.

Horse riding is a sport that continues to inspire passion and wonders in riders of all ages and backgrounds. It is a timeless and exhilarating equestrian activity that has captivated people for centuries. Whether you're trotting through picturesque countryside trails, mastering the art of dressage, or navigating challenging obstacles in show jumping, horse riding offers a blend of athleticism and harmony that brings riders closer to nature and themselves


Image Scroller module in the Horses template

Image Scroller Home Page

An endless CSS-only based image scroller module dominates on the first home page variant of the horse riding Joomla template.

Unlimited number of images can be added to the scroller within module parameters. You can set the scroller's speed, direction, etc. This is the first template that includes this module.

Carousel Home Page

The second home page variant of the Horses template is based on the well-known Hot Swipe Carousel module.

This module lets you combine some attractive images with call-to-action text blocks. The module is 100% responsive and mobile-friendly.


Carousel module in the horse riding template


Video background home page variant

Video Background Home Page

The third home page variant includes a video background with call-to-action text block.

Using the page builder, you can simply point to the video file hosted on your website and also change the heading, text, and button of the overlay block.

Page Builder

You can edit the home pages and interior pages visually using the Sparky Page Builder. Change text and media without hassle. Add, copy, move, and delete elements easily without any HTML or CSS coding. It's a native Joomla editor, so the content it produces is pure HTML without any dependencies.

This page builder is actually an editor of Joomla articles on steroids. It lets you edit all the content visually, as well as add sections with columns that are later filled up with content blocks of various types (text, media, icons, modules, etc.). It also lets you move all the elements around visually, using the drag-and-drop method.


Page builder in the Hot Horses Joomla template


Horses template is powered by the Sparky Framework

The Sparky Framework

The Sparky Framework is a parent template of the Horses template. Therefore, the Horses template inherits the power of our framework.

In the template options, you can use drag-and-drop Layout Builder to adjust or add more module positions. The framework also lets you select Google fonts or system fonts with a visual preview. You can change all the colors, menus, logo image, and more without hassle. Based on your settings, the framework is dynamically making static CSS and Javascript files for faster loading.


This template includes a drop-down top menu with submenu items available on mouse over (or tap on mobiles). All the settings of the drop-down menu are in the template parameters.

Besides the two mentioned menu types, the framework lets you use other menu types, such as a mega menu, horizontal menu, and static menu.


Drop-down menu in the Horses template


5 pre-defined color variants

5 Color Variants

There are 5 pre-defined color variants included with the Hot Horses Joomla template.

If none of these pre-defined variants match your company branding, you can create your own color scheme through the template settings. Also, you can fine-tune the pre-defined colors.

Hot Maps

You can show the location of your company and navigate the clients to it using Google Maps.

The Hot Maps module will let you include a map to your website. You can use the module with or without an API key. The API key is required if you need advanced customizations of the map's styling.


Location of the stable on Google maps

Hot Horses - Template Screen Shots

The following images represent the screenshots of the Hot Horses Joomla template.
You can see all home page variants and some interior pages in different color schemes.


Template Features

  • Responsive template for Joomla websites, based on clean CSS/CSS3 code, and powered by the Sparky Framework.
  • Customization of the template's layout and adding/removing module positions is easy. It's powered by Sparky's drag-and-drop Layout Editor. Change layout and element dimensions easily.
  • Sparky Joomla Page builder is included with this template. All demo content is created using this page builder. Edit and create your content visually and without hassle with this native Joomla editor.
  • 5 different color schemes pre-designed. All colors are easily customizable in Sparky options (every color is changeable).
  • The compatibility with all future Joomla! versions are guaranteed!
  • Extensions included with the template: Hot Image Scroller, Hot Swipe Carousel, and Hot Maps module and plugin. The contact form module with a simple contact form is also included.
  • HotStart (quick-start installation) is available with both a single purchase or membership plan. It copies the template with all extensions and demo pages. You can start replacing the demo content with your own content in minutes.
  • An unlimited number of module positions can be added easily within the Layout Editor of the Sparky Framework if needed.
  • A big collection of Google Fonts (1,000+ fonts) is also available through the template options panel with a live preview. The Font Awesome icons collection is also included.
  • PSD source file and fonts are available.
  • The top menu system with the presentation of the menu items in multiple levels (drop-down menu).
  • Tested with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, and Opera browsers. Tested on Apple iOS and Android mobile devices. Support for RTL (right-to-left) languages.