Responsive Coworking Template

Coworking spaces are popular between freelancers and startup companies. The Hot Coworking business Joomla template is designed for the websites for companies that offer coworking space.

The home page is available in 2 variants. The first variant contains a responsive carousel with slides that contain images, text, and call to action buttons. The second variant contains a big container with video background and text with call to action buttons.

The Coworking template is a typical business template. It contains a long home page with many elements that you can enable or disable per your needs. Some of these elements are in Joomla modules. A big part of the home page and all interior pages is in Joomla articles. You can edit them easily using the included Sparky Page Builder.

The three boxes located under the main carousel (or video background) help visitors to learn the most important things about your business. The next section explains why potential customers should select your coworking space. The next sections are dedicated to people that are already working in the coworking space. There is another (simpler) carousel with images of people working in the shared offices. Also, there's a selected testimonial that should convince customers to select your coworking space. Another section with a call to action button uses a white strong text on the dark parallax background.

Besides the home page variants, many interior pages for the development of a successful website are included with this template. One of the pages allows visitors to meet prospective coworkers. Another page contains a nice design of the pricing table with the lists of the offered services. There's also a FAQ page, Gallery page, Testimonials page, etc.

Use Sparky Page Builder to Edit Content Easily

All content of the Hot Coworking template comes from Joomla articles or modules. Therefore, you can edit everything visually (Joomla articles, custom modules, etc.) using the Sparky Page Builder (included with template). The content is editable from both the backend or the front-end. Your website will be compatible with the future major versions of Joomla because our page builder is already compatible with Joomla 4.


Edit content of Coworking template visually with Page Builder


Color schemes of the Coworking Joomla! template

5 Color Schemes

The Hot Coworking template is available in 5 color schemes. Each style is based on a different accent color and background colors. It's easy to create your own color schemes through the template framework.

The Sparky Framework

The backend of the Hot Coworking Joomla template is based on our most popular product: the Sparky Framework. Using a drag and drop technology you can create or edit website layout and add or remove elements (module positions, menus, logo) and other template elements (typography, special features, etc.). This is also the place where you can visually change the font colors and text styles using a collection of 800+ Google fonts. The framework generates the static CSS files anytime you change something in the settings. Therefore, the resulting website is lightfast and mobile-friendly.


The Sparky layout for the Coworking template


Drop-down multilevel menu in the Coworking template

Drop-down Menu and More Menu Options

This template has a top menu with submenu items on multiple levels. The sub-menu panes open on mouse-over on desktop. The menu is 100% responsive and it's converted to a responsive menu on small screens. Therefore, it's easy to handle on tablets and smartphones. All menu options (colors, fonts, sizes...) are parameterized and can be controlled in the template options panel.

Coworking Template Screen Shots

The following screenshots show the several pages of the Coworking template in different color schemes.


Template Features

  • Responsive template, based on clean CSS/CSS3 code, and powered by the Sparky Joomla template framework.
  • 5 pre-defined styles with different colors. Each style comes with the dark and light modes. All colors are easily customizable in Sparky options (infinite color options).
  • Customization of the template's layout and adding/removing module positions is easy. It's powered by Sparky's drag and drop Layout Editor. Change layout and element's dimensions easily whenever you need.
  • Hot Swipe Carousel, Hot Maps, Hot Slicebox, and Hot Responsive Lightbox are included with the template. All commercial modules included in this template are free for you if you buy the template (you save $19 per module). All extensions are pre-installed and configured.
  • All demo content can be edited visually, using the included Sparky Page Builder. The compatibility with all future Joomla! versions is guaranteed!
  • HotStart (quick start installation) is available with both single purchase or membership plan. It copies template with all extensions and demo pages easily.
  • 19 module positions are used in our demo. An unlimited number of module positions can be added easily within the Layout Editor of the Sparky Framework if needed.
  • A selection of 800+ locally hosted Google Fonts is available through the template options panel. The latest version of the Font Awesome icons collection is included.
  • PSD source file and fonts are available.
  • The top menu system with the presentation of the menu items in multiple levels in the drop-down panes.
  • Tested with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Opera and IE10+ browsers. Tested on Apple iOS and Android mobile devices.
  • Support for RTL (right-to-left) languages.