Responsive Museum Joomla Template

The Museum Joomla template is based on a minimal monochromatic design available in both "black on white" and "white on black" variants. This elegant design will put the focus on your images and other web page elements. A modern font that's used in this template comes in two different variants allowing you to highlight some parts of your content.

Although it can be used for many other purposes, this template is dedicated to the development of Joomla websites for museums. Almost every town has at least one museum while the bigger ones have dozens of them. These museums can be small with just a few visitors per day or globally popular with millions of visits per year. Every museum must have a website and many of them offer online purchases of electronic tickets. So, having a website is a must for a museum.

If Joomla is a CMS of your choice, we believe that the Hot Museum template is also the right choice! It can be used regardless of the museum's main topic, but it's especially appropriate for historical museums, art galleries, natural museums, and so on.

Page Builder

The home page and all interior pages can be edited easily with the Sparky Page Builder. This page builder helps you edit Joomla articles in a visual way. It's included with the Museum template. Add and edit text, images, buttons, multimedia, lists, icons, and other types of blocks. Use various typographic styles visually from the page builder.


Page builder in the Museum template


Museum template is powered by the Sparky Framework

The Sparky Framework

The Sparky Framework is a parent template of the Museum template. The Museum template is therefore developed as a child template of the Sparky Framework and it has all the framework's features.

The template options let you change your website layout, select from 1000s of Google fonts, and change colors, menu, logo, etc. Based on your settings, the framework is dynamically making static CSS and Javascript files. This is the best practice for good website performance.

Drop-down Menu

The Museum template has a drop-down top menu with submenu items available on mouse over (or tap on mobiles). This menu system is responsive and optimized for use on mobile devices.

All the settings for the menu are in the template parameters. You can change the fonts, colors, dimensions, etc. Also, besides the drop-down menu type, the framework lets you use other menu types, such as a mega menu, off-canvas menu, static menus, etc.


Drop-down menu in the Museum template


Carousel module for the Museum Joomla template

Hot Swipe Carousel

This module dominates the Museum template's home page. You can also use it on the interior pages if you need to.

It's a responsive Joomla module that displays slide transitions with a scroll or fade effect. The slides may contain text and images and, in this template, the text is located above the image.

The carousel module is optimized for mobile phones. While it shows the big text on the big screens, the text will become smaller on smaller screens and also placed below the images for the best readability.

Hot Maps

You can precisely show your museum visitors where your museum is located. The Hot Maps module will let you do it easily, but you can also customize your map output in many aspects.


Museum location on Google maps

Museum Joomla Template Screen Shots

The following screenshots show home page variants in "black on white" and "white on black" variants and interior pages of the Museum responsive Joomla template.


Template Features

  • Responsive template, based on clean CSS/CSS3 code, and powered by the Sparky Joomla template framework.
  • Customization of the template's layout and adding/removing module positions is easy. It's powered by Sparky's drag-and-drop Layout Editor. Change layout and element dimensions easily.
  • Sparky Joomla Page builder is included with this template. All demo content is created using this page builder. Edit and create your content effortlessly.
  • All colors are easily customizable in Sparky options (every color is changeable).
  • The compatibility with all future Joomla! versions are guaranteed!
  • Extensions included with template: Hot Swipe Carousel module and Hot Maps module and plugin.
  • HotStart (quick-start installation) is available with both a single purchase or membership plan. It copies the template with all extensions and demo pages. You can start replacing the demo content with your own content in minutes.
  • An unlimited number of module positions can be added easily within the Layout Editor of the Sparky Framework if needed.
  • A big collection of Google Fonts is available through the template options panel. The Font Awesome icons collection is also included.
  • PSD source file and fonts are available.
  • The top menu system with the presentation of the menu items in multiple levels in the drop-down panes.
  • Tested with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, and Opera browsers. Tested on Apple iOS and Android mobile devices. Support for RTL (right-to-left) languages.