Sparky Page Builder lets you create a layout for your page quickly, move elements, duplicate elements, edit elements quickly and visually, and more. Imagine how complex it will be to create a simple page layout with 2 columns in TinyMCE or CodeMirror? Or to add the third column? Or to move the content from the first column to the second column? How about duplicating an image and quickly select a new image? And, so on...

These are just basic examples where page builder is superior against the built-in Joomla editor. In creating complex pages or making edits to existing ones, the advantages are even more significant.

We will show you a simple page with an image left and some text to the right. This is how it looks in the Sparky Page Builder:

Page in Sparky Page Builder

The same page, when you try to edit it in Joomla default TinyMCE editor:

Page in TinyMCE