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Templates For Your Business

Joomla business templates is the most popular category of our products. Every company and every kind of business requires an appropriate website. People involved in the web design industry develop websites for businesses most often. That's the reason why Joomla business templates are so popular.

HotThemes membership will give you full access to our big collection of designs for businesses. If you are looking for a website for your own company, we are sure you will find something appropriate for your business presentation. On the other hand, if you are a professional web designer, our collection of highly customizable Joomla business templates will allow you to develop sites for your clients faster and easier.


Galatea is a business template appropriate for creative agencies. It will be a perfect choice for designers, application developers, video producers, game developers, or SEO experts to develop a modern Joomla website.


The Hot Fintech is a modern business template focused on financial technology. This template is a perfect starting point for the development of any responsive corporate website based on Joomla.


The Management is the one-page template (long home page) with navigation to the internal sections. At the same time, all these sections are available as separate pages. Therefore, this is a multipurpose business template that can satisfy many different use cases.


The Hot Quattro is a clean and responsive Joomla template for the development of modern websites. This template is different from our other templates. This is the first template based on our Sparky Page Builder. It's a game-changer Hot Joomla template!

Nail Salon

The Hot Nail Salon is appropriate for the development of websites for nail salons for ladies and for houses of beauty. It's based on a colorful design and contains a nice selection of images appropriate to nail salons.


The Hot HVAC is a design for businesses related to the HVAC industry. HVAC is an abbreviation for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Since these technologies are tightly related, the companies usually provide all these services.

Marketing Agency

Following the one-page concept, the home page is long and contain all important information about a marketing agency in one place. However, additional separate web pages can be included as well if needed.


The Hot Business is a responsive Joomla template suitable for any contemporary business and corporate websites for startups and established businesses. All content that you see on our demo, although some parts of it look very complex, can be edited visually with Sparky Page Builder.


Hot App is based on a responsive design for (but not limited to) application developers. For a small investment of money and time, it allows app developers to create a nice and responsive CMS website.


The Hot Homes is a responsive real estate template. It extensively uses a relatively new Joomla! feature: Custom Fields. Thanks to this powerful core feature, it has everything that's needed for development of a complex real estate website. Additional extensions are not necessary!


Starting a web hosting company is could be a very complex task. With this product, we will try to make this process a little bit easier. Also, a possible way to earn some residual income is to become an affiliate of established web hosting companies.


This is a completely new responsive and mobile-optimized design that has the same name as our older product, released about 8 years before.


Flowers is responsive website design appropriate for the flower shops. It's enabled with eCommerce features. It also includes some nice CSS animations incorporated in the carousel module.


This template makes a connection between two totally different things: mining of geological materials and mining of crypto currencies (like Bitcoin). If you are mining, you can use this responsive Joomla! template to create a website for your business.


Hot Ventures is a business Joomla! template based on a clean design that looks good on all screen resolutions. Thanks to our powerful framework, we can use variable units for all template elements.

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