Sparky Page Builder is a powerful Joomla plugin that lets you create and edit complex web pages without coding skills. It's truly integrated into Joomla and can be enabled or easily as any other Joomla editor. Besides Joomla core, it can be also used with 3rd party extensions (K2, VirtueMart, J2Store, etc...). It will change the way you are working with Joomla articles (pages) and make it faster and easier.

How to create a page?

Basically, it lets you create a layout for your page. The layout can contain one or multiple rows. Each row can have a fixed or fluid width. Inside each row, there are from 1 to 12 columns with the same or different widths. Now, it's clear that you can create any layout you need with this page builder.

Once the layout is created, you can fill it up with blocks. Blocks are the basic and commonly used elements, such as paragraphs of text, headings and subheadings, images, multimedia, unordered and ordered lists, buttons, etc.

How to edit a page?

It's much easier than with a regular editor. You can edit text simply by typing new text in the textual block directly. You can change an image or multimedia simply by selecting a new file. Edit button's text or social links easily in the block parameters.

What if I need a feature not available in this page builder?

If you are an advanced web developer or just need to add a feature specific to your website, we got you covered. There's a custom HTML block that you can use to add your custom code. Also, Sparky Page Builder lets you include any Joomla module instance anywhere in the layout using the Joomla module block.