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Responsive Restaurants Template You liked the first template that uses our new one-page concept (everything on one page), so we decided to make one more. Hot Food Spirit is template designed for restaurants, pizzerias, taverns, cafes and similar objects. It has a more complex design with very strong backgrounds. Although everything is only on one page, we designed each of the page sections differently.

Food Spirit Template for Restaurants

If you want to impress your site visitors (and potential guests of your restaurant) with strong, modern and responsive design, then Hot Food Store template for restaurant is ideal for you. It looks great on all screen resolutions, including mobile devices (iPad, iPhone...). This design is looks great on desktop screens, but the same situation is if you are visiting the site with your mobile phone. That's what your guests usually do when they are nearby your place.

The template demo contains 7 pages (marked as Featured in Joomla) and describes a fictional Sparky's restaurant. We will describe each page here and explains how each page has been built. It will help you to understand how to edit them. Above the pages, there's module position header1 with the first instance of the Hot Film Tape module (included with template) and large high resolution responsive slideshow.

  1. The Menu A simple page with textual content.
  2. Events A page with textual content and with high resolution image in the background. The image is scaled according to the screen size.
  3. Our Story This page contains some textual content and slideshow with collection of images that are inserted through the Hot Photo Gallery plugin (included with template).
  4. Gallery In this page you can see another instance of the Hot Film Tape (included with template)
  5. Video This page contains an iFrame with a sample You Tube video. You can include any video here, just make sure you are editing this page without WYSIWYG editor.
  6. Contact Us This page contains Rapid Contact module and some social networking linked icons.
  7. We Expect You The last page contains only some textual content.

This template shows several pages (blog view) at once, but each of those pages are designed differently and has unique CSS, backgrounds, colors, etc. The top menu links are not classic links that opens new pages. The menu links in this template are actually the anchor links. Such links starts with # and contains one word. Click on the anchor link will scroll you to the page that contains the anchor word from the link. In example, click on "The Menu" menu item will scroll you to The Menu page.

A detailed explanation how this template works and how to use it, you can read here.

Template Key Features

The template's most significant features are:

  • 100% tableless XHTML/CSS.
  • Hot Swipe Carousel module, Hot Film Tape module, Hot Photo Gallery plugin and Rapid Contact module are included with template, pre-installed and configured. We are selling some of these modules for $15, but you will get them for free when you buy this template.
  • HotStart (SQL dump) available with both single purchase or membership plan. It installs the template with all extensions and demo data.
  • "One-page" template design. Click on the top menu doesn't load a new page but scrolls the screen to the appropriate page. The scroll is powered by jQuery. Single pages (classic pages) are also possible.
  • Photoshop PSD source file is available. Only Google Web Fonts are used in design.
  • Google Mobile-Friendly Test PASSED.
  • Tested in IE7+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera. Tested on iPhone and iPad.
  • Support for RTL (right-to-left) languages.

This template is powered by Sparky Framework. You can download this framework for free and use it for your own projects.


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