Once you finish this installation method, you should get exactly the same copy of template demo (as seen on our site) on your server. Let's start!

  1. Unzip file "hot_templatename_hotstart.zip" from the archive you downloaded after purchase. Unzip this archive to your computer.
  2. Using FTP software (such as FileZilla) upload all files and folders to your hosting space. Make sure that folder where you uploaded files is writable (chmod 755).
  3. In browser, open address http://www.your_site_address.com/joomla/index.php (change "your_site_address.com" with your URL, change "joomla" with folder name where you uploaded files).
  4. Select your language and click Next.
  5. The installer will check your server to find out if it's compatible with Joomla. If you see any parts marked red, please contact your hosting provider to resolve the problem. If all items are green, you can click Next.
  6. You can read Joomla License and click Next.
  7. You should enter MySQL database connection parameters now. Please enter Host Name (usually "localhost"), Username, Password and Database and click Next. If you get error message, please check parameters. If you don't know correct parameters, please contact your hosting provider.
  8. On FTP Configuration page, you can enter parameters of your FTP server. This is not necessary and can be entered later, if needed. So, click Next.
  9. On Main Configuration screen you should enter Site Name, e-mail and administrator's password (twice). Click Install Sample Data button. (Otherwise, demo content won't be imported). Once you get "Sample data installed successfully" message, you may click Next.
  10. As the Finish screen says, please remove "installation" folder completely from your server (use FTP software).
  11. Congratulations, you are done! Click Site button to see your site's frontend, or Admin to see site's backend (login required with username admin and password that you selected during installation).

If you have problems, you can also check our YouTube channel with installation instructions videos.

This procedure is valid for all web hostings based on Linux and enabled with MySQL and PHP.

Hosting based on cPanel

If your hosting is based on cPanel (get that info from your hosting provider), you can install template even faster and without FTP software.

  1. Unzip file "hot_templatename_hotstart.zip" from the archive you downloaded after purchase.
  2. Login to your cPanel, go to File Manager and upload "hot_templatename_hotstart.zip" in the target folder (click UPLOAD button). Once it's uploaded, unpack it (select archive you uploaded and click EXTRACT button).
  3. Follow steps 3-11 explained above.

Please follow this video instructions (cPanel only).