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A camera on a rock with mountains in background

If you have a Joomla website, then you will probably want to embed videos into articles at some point in time. Videos are a great marketing tool that, when done right, grab the viewer’s attention more than text alone. This guide will help you with adding video to your Joomla template’s content.

How VPN protects your privacy?

While working online your private information is prone to be available to anyone especially when you are using a public Wi-Fi Hotspot. Your browsing history, credit card information, login information, downloads, and chats are your personally identifiable information that must be protected from going to the wrong hands. A VPN provides the encryption to all your personal information and passes it through a kind of tunnel in which it can be saved from cybercriminals, tracking of ISPs, advertisers, reading, and using of your sensitive data.

How to Improve Team Collaboration

When you’re putting together a team of individuals with a wide array of skills, you need to be able to coordinate collaboration to optimize their success. With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing teams to communicate digitally every single day, now is the time to iron out the creases in your team collaboration, using technologies and training to get your team firing on all cylinders for the remainder of 2020. Whether you’re just starting out with a Joomla site, or you’ve based your growing business on one for some time, the tips below will help you get on top of your collaboration needs once and for all.

Business logo

Designing a logo of any size for a company is a challenging task as several variables can contribute to its success. However, with careful planning, it is not impossible. Here we have compiled a list of some of our top tips to help you get your perfect business logo the first time.

monovm domains

You need to think hard before choosing your domain name. Because the name you want will represent your complete website. Online domain names have a massive impact all over the internet in terms of click-through rate, search rate, or to drive traffic. The right domain name affects your online marketing.

How digital assets actually make money?

Making money on digital assets sounds like something only for IT professionals. However, if you look closely, you can see that it can be a way to earn extra money for almost anyone.

Free Online Logo Creator

A logo is an identity and the initial symbol of a company. This impactful marketing utility is the first thing that people notice when looking for virtual and physical services or products. It is the logo’s quality that can raise the website’s memorability sales. To create your own logo, you’ll have to look for a free logo maker.