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Joomla 4 installation

In this tutorial, we will explain step by step how to install Joomla 4 with demo data that comes with our first Joomla 4 compatible template: the Hot Business.

Joomla module parameters blank page

If you can't see the module parameters page after upgrade to Joomla 3.6.4 or later version, don't panic! Your Joomla is not broken! There's just an outdated files left in cache of your browser.

Boost Loading Speed and Performance of Joomla

Joomla is a free open source Content Management System that uses PHP and MYSQL web technologies to create various websites. Despite the easy availability and presence of so many features, Joomla is outcasted by the most popular CMS of recent times, WordPress. One of the major reasons that affect the working of Joomla websites is the reduced speed, which directly affects the performance of the website.

Database Management Tools

As your business grows so will your site’s database. Joomla is easily scalable but for you to do this you might require some technical skills. Luckily, there are many database management tools in the market to improve performance of your website by optimizing the database.

Databases Module in cPanel

Every website that is made with Joomla requires a special database. Learn what is this database for and how to setup Joomla database through cPanel.

Remote database administration for Joomla

There are so many content management systems nowadays. One of the most popular ones is undeniably Joomla. People have been raving about Joomla for quite some time now because of the multitude of benefits it has to offer. There are of course several other content management systems and each of them comes with its amazing features. Joomla is, however, highly favored second only to the likes of WordPress and Drupal. In fact, they are more like at par. Among the best features that this platform has to offer is the database.

hotstart step 1

HotStart installation is the only way to copy demo data that you see on our demo server when installing our Joomla templates. Furthermore, if you are using this installation method, all extensions (modules and plugins) used in template demo will be installed as well. This installation method is appropriate for new websites only.

Joomla 2.5 Update

One of the coolest new features of Joomla 2.5 is the possibility of the automatic one-click updates. It's not necessary to download and upload the patches by FTP anymore. The update process is completely automatic now. But, not always completely problems free.

Before you start, please keep in mind that HotStart is a new Joomla installation. Don't try to install it into your existing Joomla. After you accomplish this process, you would get a new Joomla with Hot Relief template preinstalled. Basically, HotStart is like ordinary Joomla installation, but SQL file with sample data is modified so it included the demo data that you can see on our Hot Relief demo.