This tutorial will explain you how to import complete Joomla database from one site to another, using SQL dump file and phpMyAdmin software installed on your server. This is useful if you need to duplicate existing Joomla site. It will save you a lot of work.

Warning: It may DELETE all data from your database and change it with data from SQL dump file. Make sure that you created backup first!

  1. Open phpMyAdmin on your server. If you don't know how to do it, please consult your web hosting provider. You will see screen similar to image 1. Click on your database name (in our example, it's demo_coffeine16).
  2. On the next screen (similar to image 2), please click the Import tab.
  3. Select SQL dump (that you downloaded and stored on your computer previously) and click GO button (image 3)
  4. Finally, you will get a confirmation message and you are done! (image 4)

If you get any error message, please contact your hosting provide with error message code. It's recommended that you have MySQL 5.x installed on your server to run Joomla normally.