mobile-friendly test for joomla site

You have a responsive Joomla template. You put a lot of efforts to make your website responsive and mobile friendly. Your site looks great when you browse it on your tablet or smartphone. However, Google's Mobile-Friendly Test still says that you Joomla site is not mobile-friendly. Why is that so?

Many people ask us how to change the page title to their Joomla websites. Since it is not in any way related to the template that is used, instructions that we present here are valid for every Joomla site.

Page title tag <title> is important for search engine optimization of your website. Search engine crawlers will rank your website higher if your target keywords are in the <title> tag.

How to change <title> tag for a page of your Joomla site? When you edit a menu item, under System tab, you'll find Page Title. This will be <title> of the page, no matter if "Show Page Title" option is enabled or disabled.