Hot CV

Our template for December 2014 is Hot CV. This Joomla portfolio template has some specific features and we will explain in this post more about those features. You will learn how to change the big slideshow, how to change styling of the featured articles and how to include modules in the articles.

Big Home Page Slideshow

To change demo images, first create your six JPG images. They can be any resolution, but recommended resolution is 1024x683px. Name the images as 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg, 4.jpg, 5.jpg and 6.jpg. Using any FTP client, upload the images in folder /templates/hot_cv/images (overwrite originals).

To change demo words, first select "Editor - None" as your Default Editor in Global Configuration. Go to Extensions > Module Manager > Slideshow. You will see the words wrapped in H3 tag, so simply change them and save the module.

Featured Articles on Home Page

This template shows 6 featured articles after installation. You will notice that some articles are styled differently than the others. Joomla puts each article is inside the row that has class with ordering number. So, the first article has class "row-0", the second article has class "row-1", and so on. We used these classes to style the articles differently. So, your first article will have the same styling as the first article on our demo. The second article will have the same styling as the second article on our demo, and so on...

If you want to switch the styling of two articles, you should edit file "template_css.css". In example, if you want the first article to has styling of the second article and vice versa, you should change "row-0" class for "row-1" class and "row-1" class for "row-0" class everywhere in this file.

You can also make more articles to use the styling of one article. In example, if you want the first and the second article to have the styling of the third article, you should delete all "row-0" and "row-1" classes in file template_css.css and add them to the class "row-2". In this example, line:

.sparky_home .items-row.row-2 .item

should be changed to:

.sparky_home .items-row.row-0 .item, .sparky_home .items-row.row-1 .item, .sparky_home .items-row.row-2 .item

Modules In Pages (bars, clients and lightbox)

These 3 modules doesn't have the module positions. They are included into the articles directly using Joomla plugin "loadposition". You can change parameters of these modules normally through the Module Manager. When you need to insert any of these modules into the article, enter this command:

{*loadposition name}

In the above example, you must remove the asterisk (*) and change name with bars, clients or lightbox.