Our templates have the fast-loading, jQuery based top menu with nested sub-level items. Sub-level opens with a nice animation effect, per your selection in template parameters. Core Joomla files are not hacked. Module position User3 is reserved for the top menu. Please type "nav" in Menu Tag ID. Menu type should be set to "list".

This information is not important if you are installing template using our HotStart package. In this case, all parameters are preset for you.

Please compare settings presented in the following images with settings in your Joomla backend. You can find top menu settings in Extensions > Module Manager > Top Menu (Select position > user3). Also, make sure that you have sub-level items assigned to your menu items (Menus > Top Menu).

If your template supports subline text in top menu items (small text, like in top menu of Mobility template), then delimiter between main line and sub-line text is || (two vertical lines).