The VirtueMart development team announced new release candidate version of VirtueMart 2.0 (RC3). Althrough it's not the final version yet, we believe it would fix many bugs found in previous versions of VirtueMart 2.0.

Stable version of VirtueMart 2 is now available! Please use this tutorial to update your VirtueMart!

We are informing you that we upgraded all our VirtueMart templates to use the latest version of VirtueMart 2.0 (RC3). If you have not started your website yet, we strongly recommend you to re-download your VirtueMart based template (at these point, those templates are Hot Furniture Store, Hot eCommerce, Hot Fashion Store and Hot Cosmetics) and re-install template on your server using the HotStart method.

Please be advised that automatic upgrade from the VirtueMart admin panel, will most likely make break your website, at least the VirtueMart based pages.

If you already have created a website with one of our template and VirtueMart 2.0 and you can't do the HotStart reinstallation, this is what you should do to upgrade VirtueMart to version 2.0 RC3:

  1. Download appropriate package from VirtueMart website:
    1. If your current VirtueMart version is 1.9.8(M), download file""
    2. If your current VirtueMart version is 1.9.8 (letter before M), download file ""
    3. If your current VirtueMart version is 1.9.8 (letter before K), download file ""
  2. Unzip the package on your computer, and you would get two files: "" and ""
  3. Go to Extensions > Extension Manager and install file "".
  4. After that, on the same page, install file ""
  5. Immediatelly after that, go to Extensions > Extension Manager > Manage and uninstall the component VirtueMart AIO (this is just a patch needed to update modules).
  6. Download new version of VirtueMart based template from the members area.
  7. Unzip the package, and unzip the template package (
  8. Using FTP software, upload files:
    1. /templates/hot_templatename/html/com_virtuemart/category/default.php (overwrite original file)
    2. /templates/hot_templatename/css/vm_templatename.css (overwrite original file)