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Responsive Web Design Examples

Responsive web design has become the order of the day. According to the Statista reports, close to 56% of the mobile phone users are accessing the internet through mobile phones and they must be catered with a website that renders itself brilliantly on small mobile screens. A responsive web design does not just mean the scaling down of the web page to the screen size, but also subsumes the change in the entire layout of the website design depending on the device it is accessed on. The year 2016 will definitely be the year when the responsive design will be the default paradigm that will be followed in every website design and development.

The number of smartphone and tablet users is going to rise to more than 2 billion in the coming days. That clearly points out that responsive website design is not just an optional attribute of a website but rather a mandatory aspect. To substantiate the claim, it is worth mentioning that Google, the internet giant has also made it compulsory for the websites to get mobile-friendly if they wish to secure good SERP rank and not discarded from the search results.

It is quite important to test your responsive website using responsive web design testing tool. You can also find a pixel-perfect testing tool to make your website just ideal for devices of all screen sizes.

If you have been perplexed about how a great Responsive web design looks like, we have brought some of the most inspiring examples of the same that include:

Sparx IT SolutionsSparx IT Solutions: It is a well-known web and app development firm and has been in the industry for quite a long time. Its website design is truly responsive and pixel-perfect and is the best example to follow.

No-refreshNo-refresh: No-refresh’s website design is an epitome of responsive designing and shows you how exactly you must present your content to the users when they are viewing your website on a smartphone or a tablet.

CSSChopperCSSChopper: CSSChopper is a renowned web development firm that excels in providing its clients impressive web solutions and responsive web design is one among them. The website design of CSSChopper is powered by BootStrap and CSS media queries have been implemented in the most efficient manner.

The Boston Globe: This website design shows how the images can be optimized for screens of different sizes along with the other design components. You can take this website design as a reference if you are going to design a responsive website.

AppsChopperAppsChopper: AppsChopper is essentially an app development firm and as its services deal with mobile phones and tablets; their website design has been created in accordance to that and is made responsive in the most efficient way.

Zurb: It is a product design company with a website that gives you great responsive goals. The website has been designed to be 100% responsive thanks to its nimble team that makes it possible. The minimalist approach of the website makes it ideal to be rendered responsive.

PSDToWordPressExpertPSDtoWordPressExpert: PSDtoWordPressExpert is bestowed with a design that is responsive in the true sense. The design adapts itself to the screen size of the target device and also changes the layout, menus, etc. accordingly.

Aritzia: Aritzia is a fashion portal for women that sells different clothing and accessories for them. Opening this website on any browser or device does not affect its sharpness or produce any kind of issues in navigation and screen transition. The design of the website must be followed when it comes to designing responsive websites.

inkyROBOinkyROBO: inkyROBO not only has a responsive website that makes it mobile-friendly but also the tools that it offers for the customers are all made responsive to the finest degree.

The Next Web: It is a content-based website and a great reference for people who wish to design magazine or blogging websites with responsive design.

Better GraphBetterGraph: BetterGraph is a company that offers SEO services along with online marketing services of all types. Its website design is responsive and built with a mobile-first approach. It is indeed an example that must be followed while designing a responsive website.

theem’ontheem’on: theem’on deals in WordPress themes, plugins and extensions and has a web page with a responsive design. The design components adapt to the mobile or tablet screen like a breeze.

Final Remarks

Making a website responsive is a never ending process. You may always find a better way to present things on smaller screens. However, to not get bogged down with the pressure of creating an ideal responsive website, you must have a look at these website designs that can act as guides to help you design your own responsive design. We are quite hopeful that you must have found the list of useful and share-worthy websites.

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