VirtueMart v3.4

Today, the latest version of the VirtueMart e-commerce component has been released. VirtueMart v3.4 is available for free download from the official VirtueMart site. We immediately tested all our templates against VirtueMart v3.4 and here's our report.

All our VirtueMart templates are thoroughly tested with VirtueMart v3.4 and no issues are discovered. Therefore, if you are using any of our VirtueMart templates, feel free to upgrade VirtueMart to the latest version.

According to the VirtueMart developers, the new version is fully compatible with PHP v7.2. Therefore, your site will work faster and use fewer server resources. Also, the new VirtueMart is ready for Joomla! v3.9. So, when a new version of Joomla! become available, you will be ready to upgrade. There are many more upgrades, but for details please visit official VirtueMart component website.

If you are starting your website, it's strongly recommended to re-download the template package from our download repository before installing it. We integrated all our templates with the latest VirtueMart v3.4, so you can start working on your website using the latest software.