Content creation

Feel stuck in viral content creation? Have no desire and resources to set a task "write my website content" and delegate it to specialists? If that's about you, don't panic. We are here to teach you how to create something unsurpassed - something that will compel your target audience and spread across the Web at the speed of a virus thanks to its usefulness and attractiveness. In short, it's the content that everyone would like to share. What will help to do this? Hopefully, the following tips will work.

Determine your target audience and their needs

In content marketing, you should not make the simple mistake of creating content "for all", which actually means "for no one". Write for a specific group of people united by certain interests. It's hard to imagine how you can encourage a person to share information on social networks that don't touch them at all.

All you need to do to make a proper audience analysis is to ask a few simple questions:

  • What is your company targeted audience?
  • What information does your target audience need? What exactly can you create to quench their thirst for knowledge?
  • Do you know what time of day your target audience is the most active on the Internet? Publish blog content keeping in mind this time frame.
  • Where do they live, work and have fun?
  • Why does your audience go online? Are they looking for specific information? Do they constantly hang on Facebook?
  • How does your target audience go online? Using a computer, smartphone, or tablet? Make sure it's convenient for them to view content on your site.

Attract attention with headlines

The first impression is always of great importance. In content writing, it starts with a headline. If your content analysis says your articles are of low readability, then it doesn't matter how good the text is - it needs improvement. There are several ways to attract people's attention to the article in the title. Here are some of them:

  • The headline promises that you can learn something new from the article. For example, “everything you have long wanted to know about women, but did not dare to ask”.
  • The headline uses numbers: 7 reasons why 90 women out of 100 prefer brunettes.
  • There is a question that stimulates curiosity: Which women prefer to wear gray?
  • The title tells how to do something: How to become a Jedi in content marketing.

Be original

Virtually any topic of interest to you has already been answered many times on the Internet. Do you have a chance to say something new? There is always a chance. But if you come up with a general theme that correlates with "what it is" headlines, then you are going the wrong way. Write about such topics only if you are sure that you can say something new about this subject.

On the Internet, where there are so many different kinds of content that the level of information noise exceeds the limit, writing on a general topic is like answering the questions "what is a smartphone?" or "what is a button?".

Think better about how you can complement the endless internet conversation of the marketers with new, exciting ideas.

Do you have a unique experience in certain areas? Are you able to give an accurate analysis? Do you often give accurate forecasts based on the analysis of well-known information? Can you give a lot of interesting life examples on a topic? The details are of paramount importance - they reveal the hidden things because people often like not even what you are saying, but how you do it.


Recipes in content marketing are a very conditional thing. You can create something cool following the advice of professionals but fail due to the poorly organized content calendar. From this point of view, the best advice that can only be given is the following: learn new things as much as possible and experiment. Great ideas do not come suddenly, they come in the process.

Creating content that people will want to share with others is challenging and sometimes routine work. But it pays off when your traffic reaches a qualitatively new level of growth. Use these recommendations and nurture your audience with content that will be hard to resist.