Digital Marketing Trends 2021

2021 is expected to be a year when all forms of business embrace digital marketing more than ever before, thanks to the pivotal developments of 2020. If you’re looking to hop on digital marketing trends, that’s a good tactic if you don’t want to be left in the dust of your competition. But what are the trends expected to be? How can e-commerce stores ensure they remain popular in this ever-growing market place? Well, experts are predicting several trends are going to take 2021 by storm, so use their advice to help your company stay ahead of the game.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is an old way of communicating with customers, but 2021’s technology takes it to a whole other level. Like email marketing, it can now be used quickly to effectively connect with your entire subscriber list. According to SMS marketing is particularly effective when businesses use the marketing power provided by advanced analytics and segmentation. SMS marketing software enables you to easily track valuable information like messages as well as customer analytics, which you can then use to inform future digital marketing strategies.

2021 is set to continue with the trend of personalization in order for brands to offer a unique, personalized customer experience. It is here that SMS marketing software comes into its own, as it allows you to easily personalize messages based on customer profiles and personas.

Voice Search Optimization

The way that people are using the internet is changing and therefore SEO strategies must change with it. According to analysts’ forecasts, 55% of search queries in 2020 were made by voice searches, thanks to the popularity of Alexa and Siri, among other platforms. In 2021, its popularity will only grow. Optimizing your SEO for voice searches can only increase the recognition of your brand and contribute to its promotion. Optimizing for voice searches means changing the way that you do things – e.g. by using long-tail keywords instead of short-tail keywords. This trend is yet to come into full play, although there are substantial data there to support it, so those who embrace it now will get a headstart.

Go Mobile

In 2020, just over 50% of global internet usage came from mobile devices. This is set to continue to grow in the upcoming years. Optimizing for this mobile influx is important for two reasons – firstly, it offers an improved customer experience, and secondly, it is necessary to place high up on the search engine results page.

Live Streaming

Live broadcasts tend to be watched almost 300% more than regular videos that have been previously recorded then released. They help viewers to feel like they belong to events, which majorly increases the feeling of them connecting to the brand releasing the video. Not everybody catches the live broadcast, which means that those who tune in feel like they are part of an exclusive in-group, adhering them to other members and the group leader (the brand). 60% of users choose to become familiar with a product and brand through video instead of other media, so live videos are an excellent marketing tool to those at the top of the conversion funnel, as well as all the way down at the bottom.

There you have emerging trends to use to improve your business’ performance.