Today, I found something very interesting for all Joomla beginners. A free book for learning Joomla in PDF format written by Hagen Graf. So, if you are new in Joomla world, don't miss this chance, read this book for free.

Please don't post Joomla-related questions on our Support Forum. The Forum's purpose is to support our products, not to be used for learning Joomla. We simply don't have time to reply to all Joomla beginners' questions because we are occupied with creating new and even better Joomla templates and extensions. So, download this book and take your time to learn something about Joomla. After that, if you still have questions and concerns, we will certainly reply to you on the Forum.

I would like to take this opportunity to say "Thank you!" for all people who were involved in creating this book. I enjoyed reading it. Even I work with Joomla since 2004, there's always something new to learn about this fabulous Content Management System.


New free book for Joomla available

You can download the free PDF version of this book or order a printed version (€ 15.00) and e-book for Kindle devices ($8.99).