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Joomla Portfolio Templates

Nowadays, freelancing is one of the most popular vocations. Interest for freelancing is growing every day because everybody likes to be his own boss. There are freelancers of various professions, such as web design, programming, photography, visual arts, and so on.

Every successful freelancer must have a professionally designed portfolio website. This website is used for presentation of past projects to the prospective clients. Of course, it can be based on portfolio templates. Success of this website is often success of website owner. Portfolio templates can be used for development of online portfolios for all professions.

Multiplex is multipurpose Joomla! template based on a modern modular design. It contains multiple landing pages and you can edit them easily, using SP Page Builder Pro component included with template.

Hot CV can be used for company's business website, but it's also suitable for freelancers to show their works to the potential clients.

The main advantage of the responsive design approach is dynamically adjusted elements, depending of the users screen space and platform (desktop or mobile). We prepared a responsive template for your portfolio.

The idea was to combine the Joomla menu with images slideshow in order to make a flash-like website. As Joomla and Adobe Flash are not from the same courtyard, the solution is based on jQuery.

If you are about to create a Joomla portal related to any design area, we recommend Hot DesignNow! Can be used for any other purpose. The most important thing is that you like its Design! So, if you do, get it now!

This responsive Joomla template can help photographers and designers to build their portfolio websites. It's based on clean and simple design. The photos of the artist's portfolio are dominant. The site front-end is designed to bring the best user experience for visitors of the portfolio or photo album pages. On the other hand, in the site back-end, it's easy to fill the site up with images. You only need to enter a folder where your images are stored.