Portfolio Templates

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Joomla Portfolio Templates

Nowadays, freelancing is one of the most popular vocations. Interest in freelancing is growing every day because everybody likes to be his boss. There are freelancers of various professions, such as web design, programming, photography, visual arts, and so on.

Every successful freelancer must have a professionally designed portfolio website. This website is used for the presentation of past projects to prospective clients. Of course, it can be based on portfolio templates. The success of this website is often the success of the website owner. Portfolio templates can be used for the development of online portfolios for all professions.

Dark Mode

Long-term screen viewing can be tiring for our eyes. A strong contrast between the environment color and the color of our screen speeds this process up dramatically. Therefore, some apps use the so-called "dark mode" to display light text on a dark background during the night, and "light mode" to display dark text on a light background during the day.


Model is a responsive portfolio template dedicated to photo models. If you are making a website or blog for a photo model, the Model integrates a photo stream of the model's photography portfolio into a modern and visually appealing website.


Flat design become popular in the responsive design era because it's based on simple elements without any illusion of three-dimensional space. If a website is based on a flat Joomla template, it will give the same feeling on all devices used to access it.


Hot Polygons template is quite unusual! It creates polygonal backgrounds dynamically and opens Joomla articles with some nice HTML5 and CSS3 animation effects. And, of course... Everything is 100% responsive, mobile-friendly and eye candy!


Hot CV can be used for company's business website, but it's also suitable for freelancers to show their works to the potential clients.


Hot Rain is the first template from the HotThemes collection that supports a video background. This is a long page responsive multipurpose Joomla template.