If you have hosting managed by cPanel software, there's a way to install Joomla quickly for your hosting account. We will explain this procedure here in all possible details. To write this tutorial, we used our Host Gator hosting account.

1. Login to cPanel of your hosting account. Please use information you received from your hosting provider about your cPanel link, username, and password.

Joomla on cPanel - screen 1

2. Once you login to cPanel, look for Fantastico icon. Some hosting providers don't offer this cPanel service. If you can't find the Fantastico icon, it's probably not included with your hosting.

Joomla on cPanel - screen 2

3. After click on the Fantastico icon, you are redirected to the Fantastico main page. Find Joomla link in the left hand side navigation menu. Click on it.

Joomla on cPanel - screen 3

4. You are now on page that describes Joomla and shows your current Joomla installations. To install Joomla, click New Installation link.

Joomla on cPanel - screen 4

5. This page is the most important. You should:

  1. Select domain or subdomain where to install Joomla.
  2. Select directory for installation (leave empty to install in root).
  3. Enter Joomla superadministrator's username.
  4. Enter Joomla superadministrator's password.
  5. Enter Joomla superadministrator's email address.
  6. Enter Joomla superadministrator's full name.
  7. Enter Joomla site name.
  8. Select whether to install sample data in Joomla or not (it's recommended for Joomla newbies to check this option).
  9. Once you fill all fields, click Install Joomla button to proceed.

Joomla on cPanel - screen 5

6. The next page informs you that MySQL database for your Joomla is automatically created. It also informs you about frontend and backend links of your new Joomla site. Click the Finish Installation button to continue.

Joomla on cPanel - screen 6

7. The final screen informs you that Joomla is configured successfully. Also, it will show your super administrator's username and password and frontend and backend links of your new Joomla site again. You can send an email with this information to keep them for later reference. On the other hand, you can inform another person that you have installed Joomla for him/her.


  • cPanel is software that allows you to manage your hosting account easily. It's often used by hosting companies.
  • Fantastico is cPanel's module that allows you to install Joomla (and other free software) easily through cPanel.
  • Some hosting companies don't include Fantastico with cPanel.