HotThemes' support forum is based on the best forum component for Joomla, Kunena. If you run the forum on your Joomla site, we believe Kunena is probably your choice as well.

Forums are one of the most popular online tools for communication between regular users and giving support, but it's also popular among spammers. Even if you secure your site maximally against the automated scripts (bots), if your forum is popular enough, it will be targeted by human spammers. They open accounts regularly and create off-topic threads to advertise their suspicious "products" and "services". There's no cure against them. The forum moderators must read everything that's published on the forum and manually delete such threads and posts to keep the forum clean and healthy.

However, when spammers release they can't beat the forum moderators, they often start trying to pretend they are regular forum members. They read the topics and then post something that makes sense trying to hide their real intentions. They even don't put any traces of spamming activities in the post, but they do in their signatures.

The signatures of such forum members are full of spammy links that advertise kitchens, illegal movies, etc. I was surprised that the Kunena component doesn't have an option to disable signatures globally. To continue our battle against the spammers and keep our forum open for the public and available for both paid and non-paid members of HotThemes, we had to cut the signatures off. To do that, in the current Kunena version (3.0.5), you should edit file /components/com_kunena/template/blue_eagle/html/topic/default_message_actions.php and remove this part of the file's code:

	<?php if ($this->signatureHtml) : ?>
	<div class="kmsgsignature">
		<?php echo $this->signatureHtml ?>
	<?php endif ?>

Please remember, by doing this you are hacking Kunena and your change could be overwritten in the next update. So, to keep signatures disabled, you should change this file after each update. We believe Kunena developers will add the option to disable signatures in one of the upcoming versions. Welcome to our support forum.