We have upgraded all our Joomla templates and added a new feature - RTL (Right-to-Left) text support. If writing starts from the right side of the page, and continues to the left, then we can call this language RTL language. Languages that use this system are based on Arabic alphabet (Arabic, Persian...), Hebrew alphabet (Hebrew, Yiddish...), and many more.

RTL support in older templates

joomla rtl supportThere's CSS direction property (direction:ltr or direction:rtl) that specifies the text direction/writing direction. However, by simply adding this property in the template's CSS file, we will not get the best result. There are several other elements (such as arrow images) that require modifications. We took care of it, so, if your language is based on the Right-to-Left alphabet, you can simply switch the template to RTL mode.

How is it done? Go to Joomla backend and from there to the template manager. Click on the template name and a page with many template parameters will be opened. Text Direction parameter is on the top of the parameters block, in the first pane named as Template Layout. By default, it's set to the Left-to-Right option, however, you can change it to the Right-to-Left option. Click the Save icon to remember your setting and you're done. You can visit frontend of your site now to check if desired text direction has been activated.

RTL support in Sparky Framework templates (newer)

Joomla templates based on the Sparky Framework also support RTL languages. However, the RTL option is in a different location. You can find it under the "Layout" or "Layout Builder" tab.

joomla rtl support

If you don't see this option under the "Layout" tab, this means that your template is based on the Sparky Framework v2.8 or later. The newest versions of our framework are loading RTL files automatically depending on the language selection. So, if your language is a RTL type, the RTL support will be loaded automatically.

As usually, if you ordered a specific template, you can download updated template files from our website. Also, all Joomla template club members with active subscriptions have download access as well.