15 online tools for digital marketers

Working day to day as a digital marketer is a busy and potentially stressful time. You could start your day in the mornings by checking your emails, talking to your team, and setting up the day ahead whereas not more than an hour later you could be stuck into producing content for the latest trends and news that has just hit the feeds. You can never be sure what each day lies ahead of you, and you must stay on top of things.

To give you the best tools and resources you need to ensure each day is more successful than the last, here is a list of 15 essential tools you’ll need to manage all your tasks and teams with ease.


One of the leading team communication tools to ever grace the internet, Slack is designed to pull your teams together, no matter what devices they are using. You can instantly share files, messages, and documents, cutting down your emails and the number of meetings that you’ll have to have, freeing up more important hours in your day.


Whether you’re just starting on a new project or looking for ways to expand an existing one, Trello is one of the best brainstorming tools in the business, allows teams of any size to collaborate on a range of projects, enabling you to achieve fast results in any kind of area of marketing.


Easily one of the leading cloud server platforms, Dropbox will allow you to upload all your documents, images, and files, even your entire marketing project so you can be sure that your entire team can access anything they need when they need it.


When creating content, it can be extremely time-consuming to re-read, edit and proofread to ensure perfection before you upload. To ensure you don’t miss any simple errors, grammatical mistakes, or typos, Grammarly can instantly check and notify you, saving you a ton of time while minimizing the risks.


One of the easiest tools to learn that can save you a ton of time when it comes to creating high-quality visuals, diagrams, infographics, or any form of graphics to post on your social media pages and alongside your content posts, boosting your engagement rates.

Adobe Photoshop

The leading image manipulation software currently available on the market, Photoshop is the best of the best, enabling you to edit images, photos, and adverts to your heart’s content.


Running a small business and haven’t got the budget for the full-scale features of Photoshop? GIMP is a free, open-source platform that allows you to edit images and photos, much in the same way, giving you full control over how your content looks and draws in your readers and potential leads.


By far the easiest e-commerce platform on the internet, Shopify allows you to easily create, set up, and launch online stores attached or independent of your website, providing you with elite access to a range of extremely powerful tools and features that make this as easy as possible.


Whether you’re paying customers, taking transactions, or in any way sending or receiving money online, PayPal is still the leading authority when it comes to quick, secure, and easy-to-use payments, available on devices including desktop computers and smart devices.


If you’re looking to train yourself, your team, or recruits to your department, Udemy is home to an extensive range of online courses, ensuring that everyone has all the skills, knowledge, and techniques they need to carry out their jobs professionally.


Easily one of the most popular email marketing platforms in the world, HootSuite allows you to create custom email lists, manage your lists existing lists and set up a complete range of automated email systems to streamline your marketing campaign.


Being a digital marketer doesn’t mean you have to have a stressful day every day. Instead, take advantage of the tools that are available to you, enabling you to squeeze as much productivity as you can out of every minute, ensuring every project is as successful as the last.