Your website should look good to you, that’s the first step. Look at your homepage, and through other landing pages and ask yourself if you’re truly happy with the way they look. Scrutinize your website and ask yourself a series of questions like: Is the layout bold and simple? Could more images be added to communicate the brand more effectively? Is the navigation journey smooth and straightforward? Evaluate your thoughts, and start a plan of action if you’re currently unhappy with how things look or how little traffic your website is garnering.

However, making your website appealing to visitors is the next step, and it is a vital step to take. After all, if they don’t enjoy your design, colors, layout, and navigation, they will quickly go elsewhere. You want to excite your readers and guests, so engage them right the way through to purchase, and then form a relationship with them afterward. So, how do you create a site which your users will love? Find out below:

Post Original Content

If what you post isn’t up to scratch, then you’re not going to garner the attention and traffic you deserve. Do you feel as though you give your everything to designing website or writing blog posts and receive little interest in return? If so, then something has got to change. Consider contacting a professional to benefit from expert copy; copy that’s proven to be engaging and effective. Content writing services can help you reach your target audience and those who aren’t currently being driven to your website.


Imagine you’re designing your website for the older generation to use in the way that you suggest next steps, use large and bold font, and make the buttons stand out from other features present on your site. Ensure that your menu bar is prominent and simple to use. Refrain from initially bombarding users with too much information and noisy visual displays. Decide what’s most important on each page of your website, and draw attention to that. As part of your layout design, add social sharing features and buttons that making posting and sharing your content across social media sites as easy as simply pressing “share.”

Offer Freebies

Who doesn’t love getting something for free? Everyone enjoys getting something for nothing, so consider giving a product or a trial of your services away for free. This way, you’re allowing users to interact with your product and encouraging them to leave a review. When something is free, users will feel like they should give you positive feedback, and suggest how to improve your product and what’s currently working well.

Speak Of Safety

Online security is paramount, and visitors need to know that yours is a safe and secure website. If you run a personal blog, then consider posting content in some degree of code. This is to say that you needn’t use your surname and intimate information about where you live and work, the names of your children, and where they go to school, for example. Ensure that you’re not a victim of website hacking and personal data theft by making security a priority. Make sure that your site uses SSL, and that you also update any plugins or extensions you have running. You should also use a CDN (Content Delivery Network), and use a password manager.