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Being a Website owner means religious following the motto "For the people", "By the people" and "To the people."


Well, after all making things easy for the website visitors to reach you is the primary job of every individual owning an online business. And thus, everything depends on the way how you place your contact forms. Contact form is necessary for every single Website in the digital platform.

Whether you are walking towards the path of gaining your client base or moving to the side of client engagement (by displaying your portfolio or merchandise) contact forms are essential for the Website.

When it comes to WordPress contact forms, in particular, they are the ones that are considered to be a simplified version of mutually beneficial connection that is there between the what you represent the audience and the time that is being saved.

If you are not convinced enough, then this article would help you with the reasons as to why you should add contact forms to your Website.

Reasons to use WordPress Contact Form on your Website.

Before you start to hire the best WordPress Developer, Or before getting into the full advantages and benefits area, you should be aware of the reasons why you need it and why you should use it. Here are some of the few reasons that would convince you:

Protection from Email spams

Believe it or not, but spam is like pests. You would notice it quickly when you would have a WordPress website that uses blog comments. One of the first things that the spammers tend to do is automatically scan the Website for the unprotected mail so that they can add them to their mailing lists. The purpose of the contact forms here is to keep from happening by providing the visitors with the chance to get in touch without publishing the address online.

Asking for the right information

People that tend to get in touch with you do not always send all the information and the data that you need. With the help of contact forms, the user can specifically ask for upfront. It also tends to provide the users with a way to filter inquiries. This not only makes life more comfortable, but it also tends to reduce a lot of movement that is back and forth.

Informing up of the clients

Contact forms tend to act as the first point of information. The user can include information that is there for the caller to let them know about the expected response time and the steps that are taken in advance to address their inquiry. This then reduces the likelihood of multiple emails for the same impatient people.

Saves Time

Contact forms tend to help the user to save time in more ways than the user can imagine, apart from consistent and regular information. The users can use form confirmations that tell the users what they need to do in the next step. For example: Watching a video or waiting up for 24 hours to get a response so that they can send a reply and not require multiple inquiries.

Elements needed to construct an Effective Contact Form

Now that you understand about website contact forms and why it is essential to have a contact form in your Website let's talk about other facts. Facts where you would learn what it should contain. In a general way, it should have the following things:

  • Various Contact Details: The more channels are provided with, the more likely it is to get solicit communication. For 100 percent digital blog, the user can probably get away without leaving the Website.
  • Social Media Links: In this digitally revolutionized era, people tend to opt for social media services if given an option. In fact, according to the stats, 59% of people use social media accounts that have made their life easy and accountable.
  • A map or a direction: If your online business tends to have a physical location, a map or a comprehensive direction tends to be more friendly and helpful than a simple address that is provided.

So How Do I Choose the Best Contact Forms Plugins

Now that you are aware of all the benefits and the importance of contact forms that are needed in your contact forms, you must be wondering that how should the best ones be chosen? Well, here are some of the points that you can take into consideration before selecting your contact forms.

Ratings and the reviews

Before you march yourself to download your favorite plugin, you should see the ratings and the reviews first. The plugin's ratings are shown on every plugin page. It is a good idea to only go with the plugins that receive an average of four stars or higher. User reviews would help you to give context to the ratings and then illuminate any glaring issues with the plugin.

Number of Installs

Generally, when there are a higher number of active installs, the more that app is used. WordPress website development company tends to grab more and more ratings. However, the user might be able to find a brand new plugin that is incredible but hasn't gained any traction yet.

How frequent is the update

It is quite evident that the user would want plugins that tend to update regularly. This shows the activity of the developer. It shows how active the developer is in maintaining the plugin and ensuring the ongoing WordPress compatibility.

The Support of the Plugin

There is a support tab within the plugin page that tends to show how active the developer is. Not only this but the user should also keep out for external support forum as well as additional plugin documentation.

Some of the Most Popular WordPress Contact Forms Plugins

1. WPForms

WP is considered as a featured-packed contact form plugin that tends to one of the most accessible plugins. It is termed as one of the most versatile plugins that can be used to create a myriad of forms, involving the contact forms.

The plugin tends to use drag and drop builder to construct the forms. This is done so that the user can build beautiful and functional structures without any codes. Not only this, but there is also a premium version of the plugin. Although the free version tends to suffice just fine with the owner, with the light versions of the plugin, the user tends to get features that involve the creation of form fields, spam protection and page redirection.

2. Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is a reliable free WordPress plugin that is free, and the user would find it packed with tons of features. With the help of this contact form on the WordPress website, the user can create a myriad of different forms. It tends to start from the surveys to subscribers sign-up forms to the type of contact form that they tend to be created in the way.

All of the form customizations are handled through the drag and drop interface. Once the user is satisfied with the form, they just add it to the site via shortcodes. The released version should be adequate for most of the users, but if they have a more advanced availability, then they can use the premium version.

3. JetPack

Jetpack is categorized as a versatile plugin that is created automatically. It is equipped with many modules that the user can activate to turn on certain features, one of which being the contact form module. Best WordPress Development Companies tend to use this plugin a lot.

Once the user tends to enable the module, they would be able to construct a form that is right within the WordPress post and the page editor. Not only this, but it would allow the user to create a simple contact form that is right within the WordPress post and the page editor. It would enable the user to create simple contact forms with the ability to add and remove whatever form fields that they like. If the user is already using this plugin on their Website, then it would provide them with a fast and easy way to contact form to your Website.

4. Contact Form 7

Contact form 7 is one of the top contact form plugins that are out there. Before you Hire WordPress Developers to make sure they are aware of it.

It remains not only the oldest but one of the most downloaded plugins in the WordPress plugin repository. This is the plugin that lets the user build necessary contact forms and then easily embed them into your site via a shortcode. The user has the authority to clear fairly basic types without any HTML knowledge. If the user wants to unlock more customization options, then they would need to know HTML. Even if the customer wants to open more customization options, then they need to know HTML.

5. Gravity Forms

For all those who do not know this, Gravity form is a premium plugin that tends to provide tons of advanced feature in its gate.

All form customizations are managed through a drag and drop builder, which delivers it very straightforward to create whatever kind of form the user likes. Beyond contact forms, the user would find a wealth of add-ons that enable them to formulate things like quizzes, surveys, and a ton more.

Not only this but you would be glad to know that the user would get entrance to dedicated maintenance staff, along with in-depth tutorials, support, information base, and a discussion. The user should keep in mind that they should only need one contact form plugin for the site.

How to install Contact Forms on WordPress Website

Step 1. Determining the Best Contact Form Plugin

The first information that the user would need is to pick a WordPress best contact form plugins.

While there are numerous free and paid WordPress contact form plugins, the user can decide from the vast list. Mostly the organizations use WPForms on the site and understand it's the most suitable option in the market.

Step2. Install a Contact Form Plugin in WordPress

For this connection form tutorial, the user can use WPForms Lite for Best WordPress Plugin Development Services. And also because it's available and straightforward to use. The user can install this plugin on the site by logging into the WordPress dashboard and then tapping to the option that says plugins. After that, the user can add the button that says "Add New."

Step 3. Design a Contact Form in WordPress

Now that the user has initiated WPForms, they are ready to design a contact form in WordPress.

In the WordPress dashboard, the user needs to tap on the WPForms menu and then navigate to the option that says "Add New."

Step 4. Configuring Form Notification and Confirmations

Now that the user has constructed the WordPress form, it is really vital that they accurately configure the form notification and form confirmation.

Form Confirmation is considered as a tool that is there is the Website visitor. And thus they tend to witness after they present the form. It can be anything! It can be a thank you letter, or the user can redirect them to a selective page.

Step 5. Combining WordPress Contact Form in a Page

Now that the user is done configuring the WordPress contact form, it is the time to install it on a page. Many WordPress Plugin Development Company tends to combine the plugin with the page.

The first thing that the user needs to do is either generate a new page in WordPress or update an existing page where they are able to add the contact form.

Step 6. Combining WordPress Contact Form in a Sidebar

There are many people that tend to scroll to the bottom of websites watching for more data. A lot of people study for social media figures, an About Us sheet, maps of material store areas, and of course you guessed it, contact information.


Knowing how to add a form to your WordPress website is not only an important but vital skill. By employing a contact form plugin, as a website owner, you would tend to help the spammers to stop in their track. Not only this, but it manages to make the Website look more professional. The biggest advantage is that it makes it more natural to assemble the right information from the users.

The most advisable thing to do is choose one of the most beginner-friendly contact form plugins that are out there. However, the user is free to practice whichever contact form plugin that they desire.

The above tutorial would explain to you everything you've learned and how to install the plugin. Not only this but it would guide you to customize the style, combine new fields, verify the form compliantly, defend the user from spammers, and attach the contact form to the site.

For better WordPress Plugin Development if you have any inputs then you can put your thoughts in the comments box. Our experts will provide you with aid and support.

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