Responsive table

Several years ago, when designing a website you only had to concentrate on how the site looked on desktop computers. Today mobile devices have taken over with 51.2% of people choosing to use them for web browsing and only 48.7% using desktop computers.

Even Google has moved to a mobile-first index, meaning your site is ranked based on its mobile content. One issue with designing a mobile-friendly site is tables. Thankfully, there are plugins available that make incorporating a responsive table into your site much easier.

Responsive tables and good mobile navigation

Good mobile website navigation is essential. People browse differently using mobiles. They do not want to have to scroll endlessly down the page to find what they want.

If your website has tables of information, it can look unsightly on a mobile device, not to mention cause a slow-down of the site.

Restructuring these to be responsive to the different size screens on mobile devices can be a nightmare unless you make use of a WordPress plugin such as WP Ninja Tables, TablePress, or Responsive Tables.

Why you need a mobile-friendly website

With more and more people ditching desktop computers and going mobile ensuring your website is mobile-friendly is essential. It could make the difference between someone adding your site to his or her favorites or moving on to a competitor. Check how we created our pricing table as an example. It's responsive and looks good on all devices.

Google prioritises mobile optimised sites

Obtaining good Google rankings is essential for any website to prosper and the search engine prioritises sites that are mobile-friendly above others.

Since 2015 the way Google displays mobile search results has changed and now mobile-optimized sites rank better than sites are not.

Build customer credibility

When you optimize your website for mobiles, it builds customer credibility. Anyone visiting the site enjoys a great experience, which shows your company in a good light.

It cements the fact you care about customer experience. This, in turn, can help to boost your customer database.

Your business is adaptable

By offering a mobile-friendly website, it shows you and your business are adaptable to changes and ready for whatever the future brings.

It shows you are cutting-edge and this is what will keep visitors coming whether to seek out information or make purchases.

In summary

A clean-looking, easy-to-navigate website is essential going into 2020.

Therefore, whether you need to redesign the whole site from scratch to include mobile-friendly menus, buttons, pictures, and text or you just want to ensure you have responsive tables, now is the time to do it.

Not only it is super easy to use, but it will incredibly increase your conversion rate. It’s what you want, no?