3 Best Features to Look For an SEO-friendly Cloud Hosting Provider

When it comes to SEO, there are many things to worry about including content, backlinks, robots.txt files, keywords, sitemaps, and so on. There is more such as voice search, mobile-first index, featured snippets, etc. With all these elements grabbing your attention, one key factor is ignored that can affect your website SEO adversely. It could affect page load speed, website’s uptime, and things like that. All these aspects result in a good organic efficiency of your business website. Yes, we are talking about cloud-based hosting services. Have you ever thought about it?

The web host provider you select helps in assessing the complete uniformity of your business website experience you provide to your organic visitors. When it comes to websites, organic traffic matters a lot. Therefore, if you want to avoid page timeouts and server errors, as well as prevent visitors from bouncing back from your website to another website, you need to collaborate with a professional cloud-based hosting provider.

According to an article published on https://www.huffpost.com, cloud services have changed the way websites operated online.

Eventually, you would like to have a web host that helps in your organic SEO efforts, instead of impeding the same. Here are the three key features that define an SEO-friendly cloud web-hosting provider:

1. Server Location

When it comes to website uptime, it means your site content quickly accessible to online visitors. Therefore, the location of your server might determine how fast your web pages content is accessible to web users.

For instance, if you are using a shared server, VPS, or committed server hosting plan, your business website stays on a physical server in a data center anywhere unlike cloud-based hosting, where all your site information is hosted in the cloud. Preferably, you would like to have that data center situated as near as possible to most of your website visitors. The farther your server is, the longer it would take for your website to load, which affects your website SEO and performance.

Server locations might also look suspicious to some of the search engines, which might affect your website SEO in an adverse way. If you function in one nation but use a host located in another part of the world, there might be something disreputable going on about your business.

It is true that the server must also be quick and that the host additionally improves performance via a Content Delivery Network or (CDN).

2. Maximum uptime assurance

Your host’s uptime assurance is possibly the most essential aspect to determine it is SEO-friendly or not. Your site’s optimization and overall performance depend on this factor.

When it comes to uptime, it means the proportion of the time your website is online and available to the visitors. The more is the uptime, the less likely the web users will visit your website only to find it is down, thus sending the visitors to Google or other search engines. It possibly takes a toll on your website rankings in the search engine results pages or SERPs. Talk to any SEO expert to ensure your website’s SEO and rankings in the SERPs.

That is why you must look for a professional cloud-based hosting provider for uptime assurance. It is important for an enhanced website SEO performance. Take some time out of your busy schedule and look for cloud hosting provider that has been in business for a long time and a strong client base.

For better results, look for a host with a minimum of 99.9 percent uptime assurance or more. It implies 1.44 minutes of site downtime per day and 8.8 hours every year. If you can hire such a cloud-based hosting company, there is nothing like it. It is not bad, after all.

Yet, be cautious of the fly-the-by-the-night host that asserts 100 percent uptime, which is impossible. You will find some downtime at one time or the other. The key is to hire a hosting provider that promises minimum downtime. This way, it will not have an adverse effect on your website’s SEO and overall performance to drive quality traffic.

3. Positive reviews

You are looking for a cloud-hosting provider and want to shop around a bit. You have gone through the hosting features and you feel that the hosting provider is okay for you. Then, it is always a good idea to authenticate that all marketing claims are true and not fake. Before you start working with a host, make sure that you read their online reviews carefully. Take your time, as there is no need to rush.

Did you know that the hosting arena is more likely to attract maximum discontented reviews of customers than rest? If a pizza delivery shop serves a cold pizza, you may write a bad review but not so scathing if you are working with an unprofessional cloud-based host.

Then, if your website is down for several hours or for a couple of minutes, you become extremely irate with your cloud-based hosting company and post negative reviews, scornful ones on Facebook, Twitter, and most of the social media platforms. You protest about the bad service loud and clear. You are vocal if your website is down. That is because of the nature of the business.

It means that you can gain much information about your hosting provider from reviews alone. You must focus on hosts that appear repeatedly as top web hosting companies. Additionally, read all reviews carefully to corroborate the hosting company you are going to hire has the expertise that you need for your online business and website. It is not hard to look for these lists. A quick research on Google for the best cloud web-hosting providers will fetch you numerous results from platforms like CNET, PCMag, and the like.


A professional web-hosting provider is one that offers cloud-based services that help your website function efficiently without you having to worry about the same. That is what it means an SEO-friendly cloud-hosting provider. Now, that you have these features handy; it would help you to make an informed decision. Once you have a professional host to take care of your website SEO and performance, there is nothing like it.