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If you have a Joomla website, then you will probably want to embed videos into articles at some point in time. Videos are a great marketing tool that, when done right, grab the viewer’s attention more than text alone. This guide will help you with adding video to your Joomla template’s content.

Why Add Videos?

A video from a professional videographer can tell your customer more about the product or service than simply using words. For example, you can show the product from several different angles or illustrate its use. Another powerful way to use video is by showcasing testimonials of customers who are happy with your product or service.

Adding Video Code to Your Joomla Template

While Joomla does not, by default, offer a lot of video support, there are ways to get around that. It makes sense to add alternatives to photos to keep your articles looking fresh to the viewer and add the element of surprise when they are not expecting original footage.

To begin the process of adding video, first, you must realize that specific codes will be available for addition to articles. Thus, to be able to add a video to a 3.x Joomla-based article, you must remove the iframe (Inline Frame) from Prohibited Elements.

Edit TinyMCE Editor

To remove the iframe from Prohibited Elements, head to the Joomla backend. Go to Extension, and then select the Plugin Manager.

It is within the Plugin manager that you will find the TinyMCE Editor. In these settings, you will want to locate the word “iframe” and from it from the Prohibited Elements box. Simply highlight and delete it, while keeping the rest of the terms in that same field, such as “script”.

Get the iFrame Code

The next step is to get the iframe code. Begin by opening the video you want to embed, whether it is from YouTube or Vimeo.

These two sites are of high quality, so they are good ones to hold your business videos that you get made by a pro videographer. If you are not sure how to post those unique videos to your business channel on YouTube or Vimeo, ask the provider for assistance. Once you do it once, it will be significantly easier from then onward.

To embed videos from Vimeo or YouTube, click Share and then select Embed. Copy the code from the iframe box there. That is the iFrame code you will need.

Adding the Video into Your Joomla Article

Next, click on the HTML editing screen of your Joomla article. If you have not yet created your article, now is the time to write it and then edit it afterward for the video addition.

On the menu, select Article Manager and then Editor to get to this part. When you are editing in the Article Manager, simply paste the embed code you copied from YouTube or Vimeo into the article’s HTML where you want it to appear in the content.

Finally, save the article. Refresh the site to view the update.

Your Video Guide for Joomla Articles

Please note that this guide is only for Joomla 3.x templates. Older versions may have different steps for embedding video. Enjoy creating articles that have photos, videos, and quality text for content that readers enjoy and make them want to learn more about your business.