Finding computer software

We all know and enjoy the benefits of the many features Joomla offers its users every day, but how can you find the same benefits in the rest of the programs you use on your computer? Here are some of the things to look out for to make sure your software has all the same advantages you have when using Joomla.


One of the main benefits of using Joomla is the amount of choice you have when it comes to customizing your website. You can choose from thousands of different themes on the internet and pick the one that is best suited for what you need your website to do. Unfortunately, there are very few pieces of software that will offer you the same levels of customization. Most of the time, when you download a new program, you have to try all of the features and find the best way to make it do exactly what you want it to do. If you can’t find a way to make the software complete the task, you might end up downloading a different piece of software to try and complete that task. That is unless you have chosen to download open-source software. This is software where you can change many of the things about it, adding new features and removing anything you think might be restricting your creativity. For example, when it comes to open-source messaging, you might want a piece of software that notifies you in a certain way when you receive a message. If that isn’t an option within the software, you could simply develop a new feature that will be able to carry out this task for you.


Another important thing to consider when it comes to installing new software on your computer is whether the software will impact the security of your device. Is the software doing enough to protect you from any potential threats posed by viruses or hackers? For example, Joomla features built-in two-factor authentication and extensive access control levels as standard. If the software doesn’t feature such strong security devices, consider whether it could, in fact, be used as an entryway for criminals to gain access to your PC. Make sure you check that you are downloading your software from a reputable company and that you aren’t forced to install any additional programs like browser search bars or plugins while setting up the software.

Accessible in multiple languages

The world wide web is only accessible by the whole world if it’s written in their language. That’s why Joomla comes with over 70 translation packs as standard. If you’re only downloading for your own personal use, you might think that you only need it to be accessible to people who speak your language. While that might be the case, if your job means you work with people across the world, you might struggle to collaborate with people in other countries if they’re unable to use the software due to a language barrier. Always look for a piece of software that supports multiple languages if this is the case.