Hosting a Live Stream Event on Your Joomla Website

With the growth in virtual and visual content, especially through social media, live streaming has become a very popular thing. Your Joomla website is the ideal space to host an official streamed business event in order to release new content and connect with your consumers.

What are the Reasons to Host Live Events? 3 Top Benefits

  1. It’s all about increasing brand awareness. Live events, like any other content, are great for improving awareness of your business and brand.
  2. It helps you to interact with your consumers in real-time. If you can capture the attention of a live audience, invite real-time comments and conversations and answer questions, this is all a huge positive for user engagement.
  3. You can improve your reach. You may be able to entice more views, which can then encourage more content following using a live stream.

4 Key Steps for Hosting a Live Stream Event

When incorporating your live stream event, it may be daunting if you’ve never done it before. However, live streaming will always be worth the effort and time, so be sure to follow these four essential steps to make it work for your business.

Step 1: Ensure You Have a Good Internet Connection

Unlike edited and ready-made video content which you upload, a successful live stream is going to depend on your own good internet connection in order to send out your stream through your website. Without it, you risk a connection failing to be made, lag in your video, or buffering.

Step 2: Choose a Good Streaming Platform

There are many great free steaming platforms you can use to link to your website and offer your live stream through an account. These platforms include top names in popular choices when it comes to video content.

Your options for this include:

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Social Media Live (such as Facebook Live and Instagram Live)
  • Dailymotion

Step 3: Optimize Your Live Stream Content

Live stream content is no different from regular video content in that it still needs to be optimized for maximum potential. You should think about including captioning for live events and conferences to improve user engagement and also ensure that any accessibility requirements are met for those people who tune in.

So when displaying your live video on your website, support it with an SEO-friendly title, description and also include optimization methods within your own narrative and script (especially if you can speak keywords that can then be translated to a written transcript).

Step 4: Use Your HTML Code

If you’re using one of the aforementioned streaming platforms, then you need to remember to paste the relevant HTML code to the page of your website that you wish your video to be displayed. You can find this by selecting the ‘share’ option from your chosen streamer and embedding the code into your website.

Your Joomla website is the perfect platform for hosting your own live business event, and by using these key steps, you can make it happen.