Entertainment Templates

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Templates for the Entertainment Industry

Entertainment is a specific category of business. Therefore, we created some templates based on the specific designs and with carefully selected functions. In this category, you can find templates for music bands and portals, video games portals, and websites about movies and theatre.

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Tattoo should be considered as an art that can be performed only by true professionals. The Hot Tattoo is a website design for tattoo masters. On a long home page, it contains all important elements for any tattoo studio.


Hot Billiards is a responsive Joomla! template appropriate for websites of the entertainment salons, especially those related to various billiard games. It's also good for the websites of the billiard clubs.


Hot Ballet is a responsive Joomla! template dedicated to an artistic dance form performed to music. This template uses the latest web technologies powered by Joomla! CMS to allow the ballet schools to create their web presentation easily.


Hot Cinema has been dedicated to movie lovers. We all love to watch movies, don't we? In the cinemas or at our homes, wherever you prefer. Enjoyment is guaranteed if the movie you watch is good.


Web developers often need to create a site that doesn't have too much content, too much text, or images. The content they got from client was short, but with clear messages. So, let's keep the content area clean! By adding an abstract background to the design, we will get a brilliant visual experience of the website we are developing.