Joomla menus

Our templates have the fast-loading, jQuery based top menu with nested sublevel items. Sublevel opens with a nice animation effect, per your selection in template parameters. Core Joomla files are not hacked. Module position User3 is reserved for the top menu. Please type "nav" in Menu Tag ID. Menu type should be set to "list".

All Joomla templates developed by HotThemes are integrated with Lightbox script. Lightbox allows you to include simple galleries in your content pages. We will explain here how to use this feature on your site. You can use Lightbox for single images (click on small image opens larger image) or for series of images (slide show).

Default Joomla 404 page

Joomla installed on your server will change default browser's 404 page to something what you can see on this picture. It's not perfect, but still better than default browser error page. At least, there's a link that leads to the home page of your web site. Not bad, but could be much better.