Some of our templates have the reflection JavaScript incorporated. It creates a nice reflection effect of the images. This script has problems with the new Internet Explorer IE10 and instead of the reflected image, it shows a duplicate of the image.

In this blog, we have already explained how the reflection effect works. However, if you experience a problem with this script on the new IE10 (currently only under Windows 8), you should replace the file reflection.js file with the fixed version (click on the link and save it as "reflection.js"). The easiest way to do it is to connect to your site with any FTP program and simply overwrite the old reflection.js file with the new version. You can also use your online file manager if your hosting provider provides this way of file management. The location of this file is folder /templates/hot_templatename/js (change hot_templatename with your current template name).

When you replace reflection.js file, the reflection effect will work properly in all IE versions (we tested IE7, IE8, IE9, and IE10), as well as in other popular browsers.