Joomla! 4 is completely redesigned, rethought, and has new features. Joomla 4 Templates

If you have visited our site recently using your smartphone or tablet, you probably noticed "responsiveness" of the HotThemes' main site. After several days of re-development, we can finally announce that HotThemes is following the latest standards in web design industry.

HotThemes on mobile phoneA quick analyze of our Analytics account shows us that over 7% of our visitors browse our site using mobile devices, phones and tablets. That's quite large amount of visits which is increasing each day. Therefore, we couldn't leave those visitors to struggle with small text, zooming or even broken layout sometimes. We decided to re-develop CSS of our site and use @media queries to change layout of our site on smaller screens and make it easier to read and follow. Now, when you browse HotThemes' main site using any mobile device, you will notice how the columns are used in a smarter way and how the image's size are dynamically changed. Also, we have redesigned the top menu for mobile devices and it appears as a tap-able drop-down button now. By two tabs on your screen, you can access any part of our site. We have also did our best to make our support forum responsive and usable on smaller screens, so you can write and reply your posts even when you are on the go.

All our newer products are designed and developed in according to the latest web design standards and they are responsive. However, we are also facing an increased number of requests for re-development of our older Joomla templates and WordPress themes and making more of them responsive and mobile friendly. We are in process of making all our products responsive, but since we already have created many templates during past 4 years, it would be a long process. As a reminder, let's mention that Joomla hosting template and Joomla wine template are already finished and they are responsive now (same is valid for WordPress versions). The next template that's joining the list of older templates that are made responsive is Hot Skies. Should be mentioned that we re-developed this template using latest Twitter Bootstrap 3.

Thank you for supporting us so far! Please take a moment to try browsing our main site with your mobile devices and share your opinions with us.