We are happy to announce availability of new version of Sparky Framework for Joomla 2.5 and 3.x. This version comes with several bug fixes as well as several cool new features. Here is the list of the most significant changes in this framework. These updates and new features will make development of your Joomla templates even easier and faster.

  • No more limits in number of rows in Layout Builder that you can make with free version of Sparky. You can add unlimited number of rows to your template layout since this version.
  • Font weight is not limited just to normal and bold options anymore. Beside these standard values, you can select font weight from 100 to 900 throughout the framework. This is useful if you are using Google Web Fonts because many of them comes in light or bolder variants.
  • Sub menu hover color is fixed. In previous versions, visitor had to point the sub menu's text in order to see the hover style. This works better now, as entire sub menu field is clickable.
  • Drop-down top menu has a new feature now, alignment. If you are making template which has the top menu in top right position, you can align it to the right edge of the screen easier by using this option.
  • Several bugs are fixed in Horizontal menu. It can be used as menu in responsive sites in this version.
  • Easier footer edits. Simply enter your company or site name in Sparky parameters (under Logo and Slogan) and the footer will be created with your company or site name in it.
  • Sparky Framework can be downloaded as template only (for regular installation), so you can install it to any Joomla 2.5 or 3.x based site, no matter if the site was filled with content or not. We are now offering free download of HotStart installation for Sparky Framework. This installs entire Joomla 3.x including the demo data that you can see on Sparky demo. This option is suitable for new sites.
  • Many other small bug fixes are included. If you find new, please post on support forum for Sparky.

Download and try our free framework today! Enjoy development of your Joomla templates with Sparky!