We added several useful features to the Sparky Framework for Joomla. Also, this version comes with several minor bug-fixes that's discovered in the previous version.

Here's the list of all new features of the Sparky Framework v1.4:

  • HTML5 Support - Rows created in the Layout Builder that have Name value set to "header" or "footer" will have "header" or "footer" container (HTML5 feature) instead of regular "div" container. All rows that's not named or that's named differently will be in "div" container as usually. All menu types are now wrapped up in "nav" container that's standard HTML5 container for all navigation elements.
  • jQuery UI loading - Now it's possible to enable or disable loading of the additional jQuery UI library from Features > Scripts tab (new tab). If enabled, Sparky will load jQuery UI library from the Google's CDN. Basic jQuery library will be loaded normally (also from the Google's CDN) as in all previous versions.
  • Font Awesome - Support for the very popular open source icons collection Font Awesome has been added to the Sparky Framework. You should enable loading of the Font Awesome in Features > Scripts tab. Detailed information how to use the icons in your content and overview of all available icons is published on the Font Awesome website. All Sparky's unordered list styles are using Font Awesome icons since this version. The great advantage of this approach (instead of PNG images used in previous versions) is the option to change colors of the icons.

Learn more about Sparky Framework here. To download the latest version of the Sparky Framework, please join our Joomla template club.