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With the increase of shopping sites every year, the Joomla extensions are also growing in numbers. The users will always prefer convenient and easily accessible stores. You may be selling foods, clothes, shoes or automobile parts, the shopping carts should always be well designed. You require specific software for the proper functioning of the websites and to make the site user friendly in nature. Now, let us go through some of the shopping cart extensions from Joomla.



Specially designed for the Joomla platform, this particular shopping cart can be used for various features and potent functionalities. It is free of cost and can be considered as one of the most popular shopping carts today. Here are the features of VirtueMart:

  • All the categories are nested and can be grouped very easily
  • Convenient address book is present
  • It includes simple installation process and the proper integration methods with other Joomla extensions
  • Both brief and in-depth description of the products are available
  • Dynamic calculator is present
  • The third parties for payment and the shipment are dependent on the groups of the shoppers
  • Pricing rates are adjustable
  • The input forms of the shoppers are easily customizable
  • The checkout process is completely anonymous
  • The default billing and shipping address can be inserted
  • Compatible with Joomla 3 version

Therefore the VirtueMart can be very much suitable for the medium sized budget business, for example an item size of maximum 100 items. VirtueMart templates designed by HotThemes have VirtueMart component pre-installed with demo data included. Using any of these templates is the easiest way to setup your ecommerce store.

Responsive Joomla Cosmetics template

In the above example, you can see the Hot Cosmetics template powered by VirtueMart. This is just one of our VirtueMart templates with full support for this e-commerce component.



If you are looking for a simple set up with not much functionality, you can opt for the HikaShop. You can always be updated with this popular extension which provides proper service and the support. Let us go through the features of this extension:

  • Payment plug-ins are present in large numbers which is more than 60
  • The checkout process is customizable
  • The dashboard is powerful and contain various features
  • Very less amount of steps in the checkout process for confirming large number of orders
  • The custom fields are present for the user addresses
  • The Re-captcha plug-ins for enabling you for displaying the re-captcha in the registration forms
  • Starter versions are free of cost. The paid versions are available with various features
  • Community Builder and the JomSocial can be integrated with the extension by the orders of the user’s profiles
  • For the offline processing, the credit card plug-in are present which collects all the information about the credit cards


This is a shopping cart specially designed for the digital products. It offers an interface which is very user friendly and easily installable features. It can be integrated with other Joomla extensions and the customizable features can be applied in very less time. All the downloadable products can be purchased by the users just by entering their domain names. The different features of this extension can be as follows:

  • There is large image gallery of the products
  • Product videos and the nested categories are available
  • The integration of the MailChimp can also be prepared
  • The promo codes and the subscription plans can be easily obtained
  • The email reminders can also be used in the right method


The Joomla shopping cart extension is very easy to access. A proper contact support service is readily available if you are facing any issues for installing and accessing them. The specially designed features of the Eshop help in working with full potential. Let us go through the core features of this shopping cart extension:

  • Checkout is possible just in one page
  • More than 20 payment gateways are present
  • The image resizing can be done automatically
  • The products can be listed in the wish-list section
  • If standard Joomla layouts can be used , the group information and the toolbars can easily be accessed
  • More than 10 shipping methods are available
  • The tax rates are multiple and are based on the Zones and the GeoZones functionality
Red Shop


With excellent range of features, the RedShop is available with different pricing ranges. Though the base package is free of cost, different features like the plug-ins and the modules have different prices. The support services are not available for the base packages but the open forums can be used by anyone for obtaining the answers of their queries. The advanced features can be:

  • A very competent tagging system for allowing new fields and tags
  • Unlimited products and categories are available
  • The catalog features of the orders can be used with the active emails
  • Free shipping is an option that can be availed
  • Vouchers can be created for selecting specific products
My Muse


Specially designed for selling the audio, video files and the mp3 tracks, this extension can be used with various custom features. The features can be explained as:

  • The taxes and the shipping rates can easily be modified
  • The product categories can easily be created
  • Music and the videos may have the preview option before buying them finally

J2 Store

This extension can help to convert the articles into the products. For understanding the basic features, pro support documentation is easily available. Some other features can be:

  • The zoom effect of all the products can be used
  • Different additional images are available for all the products
  • Currency switcher and multi currency support is also present
  • Downloadable goods and the physical products can be sold through this extension

Now, if you want to start your own ecommerce store, you must be aware of all the Joomla shopping cart extensions. You should provide a clean platform to your users free from the crashes and the bugs. Depending on the size of your business, select the best suitable Joomla shopping cart extension for your ecommerce store.

Joomla iPhone Template

You can use this template to sell mobile devices and equipment. It is powered by an easy-to-use e-commerce component J2Store.

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