The Google Site Kit in WordPress allows you to configure as well as set up key services of Google. In addition, you will also come across certain insights, such as how to generate traffic and how to monetize your own content.

A good google ranking is something that every website owner needs and thus, Google has come up with an SEO plugin named Google Site Kit. This will connect you with the marketing services of Google, such as Search Console, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Optimize, PageSpeed Insights, and Google AdSense to your WordPress site.

After a successful connection, you can access search, Page Speed performance, and analytics on the dashboard of WordPress. This allows you to gain insights right in the Dashboard.

In this article, you will come across information for installation as well as the configuration of the Google Site Kit in WordPress. Your WordPress Dashboard can now be connected with both Google analytics as well as Google Search Console.

Google Site Kit Overview

The primary job of Google Site Kit is to connect the services like Google Analytics as well as Google Search Console with WordPress. Prior to installing the Google Site Kit, you will have to configure both Google Analytics as well as Search Console.

Following is a quick overview as to what the article would cover:

  • Manual installation of Google Site Kit
  • Creation and linking of new client configuration
  • Linking properties like Google Analytics as well as Search Console

The plugin will also connect you with the following services of Google within WordPress in dashboard format:

  • Search Console
  • Tag Manager
  • Analytics
  • Optimize
  • PageSpeed Insights
  • Google AdSense

Manual installation and set-up of Google Site Kit

Manual installation and set-up of Google Site Kit 1

To use the plugin, you will have to install as well as activate the WordPress Plugin. You can visit this link and click on the “Download” button.

Manual installation and set-up of Google Site Kit 2

After downloading the Plugin, you will have to sign up for your WordPress Dashboard. You will have to select the “Add New” tab under the “Plugins” option and then select the “Upload Plugin” option. You will have to upload the zip file then and complete the installation process.

Following the installation, you will have to complete the process of setting up the application.

Set-up of Google Site Kit

Step 1: You will have to select the “Start Setup” option in order to initiate the entire set up process.

Step 1

Step 2: In this step, you will have to sign in to your Gmail account to give permission required to access the profile of Search Console.

Step 2

Step 3: Once the login is complete, you will be asked to give access to your data in the profile of your Search Console.

Step 4: After giving all the required permissions, you will receive a notification with respect to the completion of the process. You can then select the “Go to my Dashboard” option.

Step 3

Step 5: After navigating to your Dashboard, you can observe that there are several options to connect services like PageSpeed insights, Analytics, and Google AdSense. You can also connect these if you wish to.

Step 4

Step 6: If you select the Settings option of the plugin, then you can see other connectivity options for Tag Manager and Optimize.

The plugin will also give you the ability to look into respective reports along with navigation options present on the left to look further into Google Analytics and Search Console.

How can you configure Google Site Kit into WordPress?

You will have to configure the Google site kit plugin in WordPress. This will act as a highway, which will later allow you to connect the site kit with all other supported properties such as Google Analytics and search console. After creating the client configuration, by default, your data of Search Console will get connected to Site Kit.

You will actually be creating the client configuration in the Google developer console. To do so, you will have to create a new OAuth credential with the help of your Google Cloud account. The process is actually automated, so you will not have to manually create a Google account on the cloud and add any payment methods or face any configuration problems. The Google Site Kit will take care of this for you.

How can you link Google Search Console to WordPress with the help of Site Kit?

To generate a client configuration in the Google Site Kit plugin, all you need to do is a simple copy-paste process. Such a process will link your data on the Google Search Console with the WordPress site automatically. It will also create a new site on the search console.

You can follow the below-mentioned steps to do the same:

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is to sign in to your primary Google account while disabling any ad blockers as a result of few restrictions from Google.

Google Site Kit

Step 2: You will now have to navigate to the Site Kit page, which can be found in the admin Dashboard of WordPress.

Step 3: The Google Site Kit plugin will now fetch the information present on the WordPress site automatically and transfer it to the client configuration page present in the Dashboard of the Google developer console.

Google Site Kit

You then have to select the "Get OAuth credentials" option to move on to the next step.

Google Site Kit

Step 4: The Google Site Kit will now allow you to create new projects on the Google Cloud account by utilizing the details present on the WordPress site. Following this, you will receive a client configuration code. You have to copy the code to the clipboard and then select "Done."

Google Site Kit

Step 5: You now have to paste the same code in the textbox of the client configuration page present on the Dashboard of your WordPress site and then select the "Proceed" option.

Google Site Kit

Step 6: You will now have to log in to your primary Google account, which has access to both Google Analytics and other related data.

Step 7: Once you have logged into your account, you have to grant a few permissions by clicking on the Google account.

Google Site Kit

Step 8: You can review the permissions mentioned in the step and then select all the checkboxes to ensure that they are enabled. You will now have to select the "Allow" option to move onto the next step.

Step 9: The Google Site Kit will detect the site data present in the Google Search Console account automatically and then link it back to the WordPress site. 

Google Site Kit

With the help of Site Kit, you can now access and view the Google Search Console data directly onto the Dashboard of your WordPress site. In addition, you can also view organic search traffic data at a page level as well as individual posts with the help of Site Kit.


The ubiquity of WordPress has made Google officially release plugins for the CMS. The integration of several third-party services within WordPress has benefited the end-users in many ways. Google Site Kit is a classic example of the same.

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