Food & Drink Templates

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Delicious Templates for Restaurants and Food & Drink Products

We have two groups of templates in this category. In the first group, there are some templates for restaurants and cafes. The second group is dedicated to the presentation of various kinds of drinks.

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The Hot Pub is a responsive Joomla template designed with a dark color scheme. This template is suitable for websites for pubs, taverns, beerhouses, restaurants, fast-food restaurants, and similar types of websites.


The Hot Bakery is designed for bakeries, restaurants, bars, and similar websites. This responsive design is based on the images of the bakery products inside the parallax containers and carousels.


The Hot Burgers is dedicated to fast food restaurants that have burgers as the main offer in their menus. It will be a great starting point for making the online menu for any restaurant.

Ice Cream

Ice Cream is responsive Joomla template for websites of the ice cream producers, ice cream shops and delivery services and confectioners. This template is based on a clean design with white background color and one accented color.


Hot Vineyard is a responsive Joomla! template suitable for websites of the vine producers. It also can be a good starting point for making websites for producers of fruits and vegetables, wine sellers and restaurants.

Fast Food

Hot Fast Food is responsive Joomla template suitable for websites for restaurants, fast food restaurants, national kitchens restaurants as well as restaurants with food delivery services.


Hot Tea is an elegant and responsive Joomla template focused on tea as one of the most popular beverages on the planet. It's not crowded with graphic and its light design with one accent color may be appropriate for many different kinds of websites.


The main inspiration for making the Hot Aroma template we found in our favorite beverage. Coffee keeps us focused while we are making all these responsive Joomla templates that our customers love!

Food Spirit

Hot Food Spirit is template designed for restaurants, pizzerias, taverns, cafes and similar objects. It has a more complex design with very strong backgrounds. Although everything is only on one page, we designed each of the page sections differently.


If you are a producer or trader of any kind of alcoholic beverages, such as wine, beer, brandy, whiskey or non-alcoholic beverages such as fruit juices, sodas or energetic beverages, this template is a good choice!