Joomla! 4 is completely redesigned, rethought, and has new features. Joomla 4 Templates
Joomla! 4 RC1

The first release candidate version of Joomla! 4 has been released on June 1, 2021. The RC1 is aimed at extension and template developers to encourage them to work with this release in order to prepare extensions for the stable release of Joomla! CMS 4.0.

Joomla! Update Notification plugin parameters

Keeping your Joomla up-to-date is a key to making your website secure. Minor Joomla updates with security and bug fixes are released regularly. By default, all super administrators of a Joomla site will receive a notification email when a new Joomla version is available. This article explains how to disable or enable this feature.

Adding reCAPTCHA to Joomla

reCAPTCHA is one of Google's services that helps you to fight against spammers. Spambots are software created to do something on your website itself (without help or interaction with human). Actually, spambots do the same tasks on thousands of websites of the same kind. They have the common purposes: to add some content to your website (forum post, comment, etc.) or send an email from your website.

Joomla 4 installation

In this tutorial, we will explain step by step how to install Joomla using Softaculous application. If you have a hosting account based on cPanel, there are good chances that you have Softaculous between other cPanel applications. This application allows us to install the latest version of Joomla easier, without upload files via FTP, without manual database creation, etc.

Instagram post

It's possible to include an Instagram post on any Joomla website. You can include your posts, as well as posts made by someone else. This tutorial will teach you how to do it without installation or use of any additional Joomla extensions.

301 Redirection in Joomla

Have you ever found out that your page was published at the wrong address? You have been too quick and published a page in the wrong category, or used words in your alias that is not related to the topic. There are many occasions and reasons when you can decide to change the location of your page. The reason will most likely be better on-page SEO or changing a link to something that more memorable. This guide will teach you how to make this safely in Joomla.

Secure Payment Transactions

As convenient as it sounds, online payment systems have their struggles to deal with. Since cybercrimes are on the rise, online payment security has become a paramount concern for businesses. People have lost $32.39 billion last year due to payment fraud and are expected to rise to $40.62 billion by 2027. In other words, payment crimes will hike by 25% in the next six years.

Remote browser isolation

Cybersecurity is something that pretty much everyone worries about these days. The threats are becoming more sophisticated while setting up a company website through a content management system such as Joomla is becoming easier and easier. That’s why learning how to keep your business’s website and general online activity safe and secure is crucial.

The Ultimate Joomla Security Checklist for 2021

The contribution to the ease of owning a website can, without any doubt, be attributed to the presence of platforms known as the Content Management Systems (CMS) like Joomla, WordPress, Wix. These CMS offer an array of themes to choose from for your website design. In addition to that, a variety of plug-ins are also available, which provide many add-on features.