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Reasons for a Decrease in Traffic After Google Updates

Ever wondered what exactly results in a decrease in user traffic on your WordPress site after Google’s routine updates? Well, that could be because of many reasons that you ought to know about. If you own a WordPress site, the last thing you want to experience is a sudden drop in user traffic as it affects your business.

Joomla plugins manager

Joomla is a very popular CMS platform these days, and one major reason behind its success is the flexible plugin system, which allows anyone with the right skillset to extend their own Joomla-based website and add various types of new functionality to it. And for those who don’t feel up for the task, the open market for the platform provides plenty of pre-made plugins that are ready to integrate into one’s project. When you need advanced functionality that’s tightly specialized for a certain task though, you will have to get your hands dirty and write your own plugin.

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Did you know that the first acrobat reader was invented in the 1990s? The invention was a significant milestone in the progressive move towards ensuring a seamless and familiar experience when opening, viewing, and editing PDF documents.

Joomla 4

A long-awaited version 4 of one of the most popular CMS of the world is around the corner. The beta release of Joomla 4 is available for download and ready for testing. All new features of Joomla 4 are there and while we are waiting for the stable version, the Joomla core team will keep fixing bugs reported by users. So, the time to test Joomla 4 in a real environment with a real premium Joomla template equipped with demo data has come.

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The world of website creation on Joomla is fun, exciting, and easy. With templates that you can use to make your site look exciting and modern, building a website for your business has never been easier. However, when you are constructing a website on platforms such as Joomla, you should be aware of the cybersecurity standards which should apply to your website, your internal communications, and your stored data. In this piece, we’ll look at why you should adopt a zero trust framework when building your digital infrastructure in 2020 and beyond.